Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gotta Love Summer Time!

One of the Very little Banty Roosters.
He weighs Maybe a pound
Crows like he is 50lbs.
Its hilarious! 

The sky from the front porch last night..

Dottie giving me the Evil eye.
 This morning waiting to be milked!

She is the Herd queen's baby and is treated as such!Lol

To busy eating to look at me!

 Finally made the decision to band all the boys that were left.

Moses Gloating....

Sunshine Loves trees!

April dreaming of reaching those leaves
High above her head.

 This is a little common snapping turtle..
The girls are calling him Quarter... 
They are cute when they are little.....

 We have been home but busy! Kara wanted me to say Thank You to everyone who voted. She is taking the Ram and the White Stallion to the local fair the first week of July. 
 Our first fair is in less than 2 weeks. We are taking 8 goats, 3 chickens and 1 rabbit.. The girls are getting excited and have been working with the goats. I have been working on hooves.I need ot get another pair of clippers to trim them up with. We dont clip them down completely though. They are just local fairs.
 We banded the boys last night. It was pretty quick process. They made no fuss whatsoever. They were more concerned about the grain in front of them. They are all over 3 months old and the market is just full of bucklings this year. So I decided instead of sending them to auction that they will just all be meat. I do have one friend who is possibly going to buy a few to raise for meat. That will leave me 4 wethers to raise for meat. After a few weeks they will go back in the main pen with the girls and be raised on more pasture. Right now they are dry lotted with the bucks.
 Girls are having company tomorrow night and they will be setting up their hillbilly slip and slide!lol  They cant wait! Lots of plans for the weekend including Truck and Tractor Pulls and possibly a trip to the river...
 Gotta get off of here. A storm is headed this way and I have to unplug the PC before I go to bed..
Good Night!


Feral Female said...

Love all the pictures! The goats look fantastic and that wee little snapper is adorable!

tree ocean said...

great pix yeah everyone had lots of bucklings this year!

Deanna said...

Hope the storms weren't too bad for you. We got lots of rain and thunder but that it is.

Love those pictures!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Those pictures are fantastic! Hope your storm wasn't too bad. We had horrible lightning with some of our storms this week. At one point, sparks shot out of an electrical outlet next to me. The house is fine, but *I* will never be the same again.. lol. -Tammy

Brenda said...

The goats are all looking really good! You have great photos of them.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!