Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting Ready........

One more Kara drawing...
This is a drawing of a tractor that was my Great-Grandpa's.

The Hillbilly SlipNSlide!!
Boy did they get going!

 An Action shot!
This went on for 5 hours Thursday,
with small breaks here and there.
 They had a friend over to that was having a blast.

We are getting ready for the Jr.Fair this next weekend. We are taking 8 goats,1 rabbit, and 4 chickens.
The girls will be entering a showmanship class for some of their animals this year. Kind of had to push them a little bit because they would rather not be watched so close. But even if they don't place it will be a good experience.
 This last weekend was lots of play and relaxing for us. The next few weeks will be pretty busy. But after the girls had company Thursday then Friday they went to their friend's house. They got to go swimming at a pool and the river. I went over for breakfast and we played Several games of spoons!! It had been a while since I had played and I forgot How FUN it was!!LOL They swam for I don't know how long in the river and then played spoons some more! We missed the truck pulls in town but we were so tired!! They were still tired this afternoon so a nap was the order of the day for EVERYONE!lol Its been very hot and humid too. We didn't get storms the other night.. Looked like it was heading right for us but just disappeared before it got here..
 Looks like more possible storms tonight too.... So we will see...
So we have rabbits to look over, chickens to bath and goats to trim up this week! Fun Fun!! We will have to take some pics of course. I hope everyone has a good night!


small farm girl said...

Good Luck!

goatmilker said...

Love the slip n slide. It is so nice when you can get some down time and relax. Good luck at the Jr. fair. Have a great day. Rebekah

tree ocean said...

sounds like fun! you're the opposite with the showing-Willow always wants to do showmanship but I never want to take the goats and you're taking EIGHT?!?! You all should get a ribbon just for getting them all there! LOL LOL

Love the new page but the background and title pic load before the blog photos and I am running short on time this am so I will check back for the photos later. Dialup grrrr

Brenda said...

I really like the tractor! Kara did a great job on it.

The Hillbilly slip-n-slide looks like so much fun!

I hope you all do well at the fair!

Feral Female said...

Love the slip & slide!

Good luck at the fair!