Friday, June 4, 2010

Butter Making!

 You can make butter from goats cream but it takes a little more dedication!lol You have to skim the cream till you get a decent amount. That may take a while! So when I was given some cow's cream the other day I thought Ooooo Butter!!
 It was all frozen except for a little bit so I had it in the frig for a day or two letting it thaw.. Well I was impatient.. Hmm imagine that.. So I put it all in the bowl and turned on my mixer. I didn't turn it on high enough but my thoughts were it was to cold. SO I let it sit out for a little while till it thawed out some more.
 Turned the mixer back on and let it go... Still no butter. I was afraid to turn it up to high because I could just see it foaming and flinging milk every where! Turns out that's exactly what I should have done!! My patience wore thin again and I flipped it on high... Less than 5 minutes later I had butter! So I strained it and kneaded all the milk out. The picture above is one of the bowls of butter. Kyla and Kara had to fix toast to try it out. It was a hit!! I am going to use the leftover buttermilk tomorrow to make pancakes for breakfast!
 I had made butter before but not with my mixer and once I figured it out its just TOOO easy! I am thinking hmmmm How much Goat's milk will I have to skim to make a pound of butter?
 Good news on the job front Kyle goes back Tuesday and they are starting a new job. So he should be working steady for a while... Gotta love construction work! It's either Feast Or Famine!
 My next blog will require some opinions. I will post it in the next day or two.  So be looking for it!


Brenda said...

The fresh butter looks really good! I've made lots of cows cream butter in my younger days.... my grandmother would hand each of us grandchildren a quart or half gallon jar with cream in it that she had set out for the day getting it ready. We'd all sit around her living room "churning" our butter by rocking our jar back and forth ... sloshing the cream until the butter flakes formed. It was lots of fun ... but now days the mixer method sounds much quicker and easier!

Linda said...

That does look good! It's amazing that it is so yellow. Makes ya wonder why they have to add color to the stuff we buy in the store! What is wrong with the cows?

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia that butter is the most beautiful color of yellow, I'd like to match it and paint the porch that color! AND I am sure it tastes wonderful :) Glad your hubby is headed back to work. I don't know what happened to Spring but I am not loving the heat and humidity we are having. Doing alot of reading library books!

WeldrBrat said...

Looks absolutely wonderful! I can only imagine it tastes even better no less than ten-fold! This is the kinda stuff that makes me not care about throwing on another 25 pounds. LOL

small farm girl said...

Oh I am so jealous!!!!!! I have always wanted to make my own butter. Now I want to know about the goat milk butter. You know, for when I get my goats. lol