Friday, May 7, 2010

A Whole Lotta Pics.......

I took a few pictures this afternoon...
My rooster trying to lead me Away from the hens..

 Showing Off..

 My 2 little Silkie hens. Aren't they cute?
The white hen isn't as Sassy as the black hen.

 Pretty little banty baby.

Protection from the chickens!!

My Strawberries under Protection..
I have ran out of big rocks need a few more to finish..

 Just Beautiful!!
I love Spring!

Wild Blackberries blooming!

 Ravi(short for Ravioli)
 Checking the camera out to see if its Edible..

Baby Pile up...
They are all almost 2 months old...
This is only 6 of the babies.

 Crash checking things out..

 Crash's Brother Eddie...

April Peeking over the back of the barn at me..

Sasha Standing on the Milkstand
looking out the back of the barn..

Ethel Checking things out too.

 Sasha Climbing trees in the pasture..
 Almost can reach it...
But not quite..

 Katy.. the little sweetheart!

Pixy the Princess!!
 Her momma is herd queen ya know?
She copies everything she does too!

Country girl!
 Its been a busy week outside! We have gotten a lot done. Next week will be inside stuff... oh yea....
But its suppose to be rainy all week off and on with cooler temps. It dropped alot today. It was warm and humid this morning and by noon it was cooling off and windy!
 I hope everyone has a Great Weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures!


Coffee Catholic said...

Can you email us one of your goats??? I love goats! They are nearly impossible to buy where I live. :-(

small farm girl said...

Nothing like pictures of goats!!!!Unless it's real goats. lol

Nezzy said...

I'm sayin'! I was out yesterday and it was 82 and baby it dropped like a rock late 20 degrees!

I just popped in to with ya a Happy Mother's Day!!!

Brenda said...

Great photos! I love them all ... but especially the "Country Girl"!

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Awesome photos. Blackberries should be great this year. My wild ones are loaded with flowers too. Hope your Mother's Day was wondeful!