Sunday, May 30, 2010

One Year Ago........

 We were not happy and had gotten ourselves into a mess..  Things were stressful and the place we were at was not worth the time we were putting into it day after day. We had been looking for a few weeks for a place to move. Even if it was just to rent. I had been leaving a paper on the houses we were interested in telling about us. We were desperate to get out of where we were at even though someone was convinced we were walking away from the best deal ever..
 I will Not get into all the details of the absolute mess we were in. Just it was not worth it. But we learned and it was time to move on. We got a call from the owners of our house now and went to visit with them. For some reason they liked us despite the list of animals we had and was willing to work things out for owner financing.
 So on June 1st  I was able to send the email giving our 30 day notice!  What a relief and now for the job of extricating ourselves from the situation. It was awful and stressful. I had been accused of everything from animal neglect(yeah right) to "embezzling"money from that farm(What Money?) Good thing I kept all of the bank statements. But I have a lot of proof to back me up.. Never directly accused just in Online Forums and to other people. People who are my friends got emails saying I had done certain things.. But that's Okay! I know what Really happened. People who know me knew better.  The sooner we got out the better.
 God absolutely blessed us beyond what we had need of! The people we are buying from couldn't be nicer and we love living in this little town! Its been an eventful year but every need has been provided! Even the last couple of weeks though we were short on money, we have had time together and everyone is healthy as a horse. If I had waited to have surgery last year who knows what we would be going through right now.. The doctor said it would have been cancer with in a year.
 Funny thing when we were looking we had agreed there were 5 things we needed in a house.. And yes we prayed for it too!
1.Wood heat- We would freeze with out it!lol
2. A place for our animals.
3. 3 bedrooms!!!
4. A Basement- For my non storm loving girl.
5. A garage for Kyle.
 It has all of that plus 2 Bathrooms and a Kitchen that had been remodeled. A front and back porch that are just wonderful!! It of course has some faults but not many!Lol We have been very happy here. I have made some great friends here also. We are looking forward to Many more years enjoying this place!
 Thank you Jesus for supplying all our needs and all the little extras!


Brenda said...

I'm glad you all are happy and healthy! I think you guys are a wonderful family. It is my pleasure to share friendship with you all!

Enjoy these times. Your girls will be grown up all too soon. Make all the wonderful memories you can!

I still love your header photo!

Anonymous said...

It seems you have everything that you wished for and more :0)

Laura said...

Thank you for sharing, honestly your post was just what I needed to read today as I prepare to go off to work. I needed a reminder that things can and do have a way of working out.

Feral Female said...

Isn`t it funny how things just seem work out when you are at the lowest?

Gail said...

He always does, if we let Him.

So glad things are working.

WeldrBrat said...

Sometimes - God will do His works in a way that will remove us from situations - for our protection.

Walking WITH faith in Him - is what gets us to the other side of any storm. When we do THAT - He's always waiting on the other side with answers and resolve that we never even imagined. And sometimes - it can feel like He did it with a sense of humor!

But for our effort to carry faith in Him as we walk through any storm - He also waits on the other side with Blessings for us. And those usually blow our minds!

Deanna said...

So glad you found the simple life. Many could learn from you.

small farm girl said...

He answers our prayers.