Monday, May 17, 2010

Mud Baths Anyone????

Thinking a New Business is in Order..
 Completely Organic Mud Baths!!
To the left is the goat barn...
To the right the chickens and the bucks..
Either way its at least 6 inches of mud!

 Hen and Chick plant with a Moth showing its colors.

My Crepe Myrtle a Sweet friend got me last year..
 I thought I killed it! But it came back! Woo Hoo!

 My Lavender and Tarragon...
I was worried they wouldn't make it. But they are growing!

Christmas tree/Chicken tree!
All sorts of things to recycle..
Goats cleaned it up to the bare branches
after Christmas..
Chickens now use it to roost in..

Its been raining for days! A little sun here and there but for the most part rain, rain and MORE rain! I have used 3 bales of straw in the goat barn, chicken house and for the bucks.. Its still muddy. I usually use a half a bale in the goat barn and the other half for the boys and the chickens.. You walk in the barn and you can here it squish.. You could leave the gate wide open right now and not One Goat would budge because they will not walk in that stuff.! I wear my Muck boots folded down right now because they are cooler like that. But it almost came over the top of my boot! Places where the water would run off before and leave fairly solid ground are so saturated they are squishy and slick.. Looks like Possibly Tuesday there May be no rain.. Probably long enough for us to get the yard mowed..
For it to rain more and grow more.
To mow again....Lol 
 A vicious cycle.... 
  The fence is working great. Its very visible since Kyle weed eated it underneath. They are Very leery of it. No one has been shocked in a day or so. That is a good thing. Eventually they get to where I can leave it off during the day and just plug it in at night or while we are gone to keep predators out. Of course it has also been raining so they aren't going very far.
 Kyle is still not going back to work yet because of the rain it slowed things down so the stuff they were suppose to get done last week didn't and they will Hopefully get it done this week.. All our bills are paid for the month just the living expenses are what we have to worry about right now. Now if I can just sell some of those boys out there... We have started weaning because they were so big. A little younger then I usually wean but they are half as big as their mommas and are eating grain and hay really well.
 I am hoping to get Zucchini and Squash planted this week. Maybe even tomato plants. They are still pretty small.. I have to get more wire to protect them from the chickens! The rest of the garden beds I have surrounded in wire have so far discouraged the chickens. I put some around my back porch to because the chickens had decided that was they other home... Ummm no its not my dears!Lol I may grow the morning glories back there along the fence..
 I hope everyone has a great week! Good Night!


matty said...

One time we rented a house and had chickens. They were always roosting on the back porch. One day the landlord came and announced, "Having chicken poop on your porch might seem country, but it is trashy." My husband was so angry that we moved in a week! LOL

Personally, I agree with you. My porch is not their home-away-from-home! LOL

The babies are so pretty! Where do you sell them??

tree ocean said...

oh send us some of that rain! Our fire danger is high here...the water table is dropping and my garden and well need it!

I can't stand it when my chickens stand on the back deck and poo all day!!!They are locked up for the summer cos of the garden. Yesterday one laid a shelless egg just had the membrane looked like a regular egg but soft...I guess I need to get some oyster shell for them.

Feral Female said...

Oh dear, I can fully relate to having to fence in your flowers! Between the chickens and the geese any flowers I plant are goners! =)

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia we start drying out today and tomorrow is beautiful! I don't want to talk about the possible rain midweek :) Man it has been a long dreary, wet, thundery haul!

~Tonia said...

Matty-I sell my babies by posting online. If they dont sell I sometimes have to take them to a livestock auction which I dontlike doing but I have limited space and funds.
Tree- If you have wasted dairy products old yogurt,cheese,milk or anything else like that you can feed that to them. Or a discount grocery where you can get stuff like that. It helps I rarely feed oyster shell.

Deanna said...

I'm truly tired of the rain but know in a few months we will be begging for it.

My cherries are ready to pick, but the ladder will sink into the ground. If the sun comes out later today, I think I'll try finiding a piece of carboard to put under the ladder legs. Where there is a will, there is a way. But then, you obviously already know that!


small farm girl said...

My baby chicks don't go in the garden, but they sure do like to use my front porch for a toilet.

Love Life said...

O i feel your pain we have been getting nothing but rain the past few days and my backyard is covered with mud. I really dislike going out and feeding the rabbits and dogs on days like this because i feel extra dirty when i get back in the house. I hope that you get some dry and sunny days your way soon!

Brenda said...

Tonia - I absolutely LOVE your header photo! It's a true classic.

I'm ready for a couple of dry days too!

Goodwife said...

I'm sick of the rain as well. I hate mud and it takes every bit of the joy out of doing chores! My girls won't leave the barn either, can't get their precious footsies muddy! I can't complain though, at least I have nice dry barns to house everybody in! :)

Deanna said...

Love your new header!

Anonymous said...

Yuck on the mud but nice pictures1


tina said...

I am so tired of mud..we are dur for more rain tomorrow afternoon :(
You are ahead of me, my garden isn't even planted yet!
I give all my "dead" plants one year to revive'd be surrised at how many come back!!

Shanster said...

Isn't it such a thrill when something you think was long gone reappears and grows back? Love it!