Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Heat Is ON!!!!

Country Road.....

My girls love a good creek..
Even though they had just gotten out of the pool
at Nana and Grampie's House

They wanted to get in so bad.
But it was just a quick stop..

Tree at the creek..

Sunshine and April enjoying the sun....

Their new "spot".. They sleep out here now
Unless of course its raining or they have gotten spooked.

I made granola for the first time.
It was a success.. Good Stuff!

The weather is warming up For Sure!!! It so humid right now you can stand in the shade and sweat!
We are up in the 80's all week with few chances of rain. They did say no but now they have put slight chances in there!.... Its still so muddy the goats are hopping to the barn! Trying to avoid the mud... It doesn't work though. They come in with mud almost up to their knees. I was afraid I may lose my little chickens if they fell in it!lol Despite boots and trying to dig some sort of ditch to drain it off. Its still extremely wet.
 Hopefully it will dry up some this week. Its made the gnats and flies horrible. I have never had mud or bugs this bad... I hate to spray anything but at this point its Very uncomfortable to milk or even be in the barn. I have hung up Fly tapes I am hanging 6-8 tapes a day sometimes and every morning they are full.
So any suggestions???
 Kyle goes back to work tomorrow YEAH!!.... It was just 2 weeks this time which was great. He did get the fence done and more work on his big truck done.. The goats are enjoying being out! They spend most of their time under the tree on the rocks.  Go out to graze and back to laze around under the trees...  Hay consumption has went down and so has the grain. Hay went from 1 bale a day to a half a bale. The boys get a half bale every other day. Sometime ever day if they eat it all. I have grain left over now when I milk and at night they were leaving a little so I kept scaling back till they weren't leaving any to waste.
This is a good thing!! 
I have been making Chevre on a regular basis and I have quite a bit in the freezer.. I have ignored yogurt for a while so I don't have to think about it right now.. But I will get back to it.. figure out what i am doing wrong.. The last one didn't taste right at all..
 Good Night Everyone!


Brenda said...

Tonia - I have a design for a home made fly trap made from a large pop bottle. I'll show it to you next time you come over. They are easy to make and work great! The flies go in and never come out again!

The goat girls sure look happy lounging out in the shade. :D

tree ocean said...

ugh bugs the mosquitoes are so bad here right now!It's either cover up or slap slap slap! poor goats don't like them either!

I have tons of mint that I cut back and dry on the lawn (meadow now, need to borrow a mower)and then I strew in the chicken pen and goose house to discourage flies..Pennyroyal is supposed to work too I think...

your pasture looks awesome!

do your goats get all the grain they can eat while they are milking?Mine would eat a 50 pound bag each lol.

matty said...

What a busy weekend! Sounds like you were very productive.

We have a homemade fly trap -- actually, it is a repellent.

You take a baggie (I know, just recylce one), fill it with water and put a penny in it. Then, tack it next to your doors on the OUTSIDE of the house.

It is supposed to keep the flies out of the house. It does work. Somehow the penny in the water looks like a natural enemy and they stay away.

It might work. Try bowls of borox with sugar, too. That works to kill 'em off as well.

Have a great week!

Feral Female said...

There is nothing like a good creek for kids, no matter how old they get!

small farm girl said...

Nothing wrong with a good creek. I enjoy them myself whenever I can.

Deanna said...

We went from cold to hot overnight. That creek looks mighty inviting!