Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gotta Count My Blessings.....

 If I don't I am likely to lose sight of them today....Its one of those days.. Kyle was off  for 2weeks. For those 2 weeks we claimed unemployment and now we have issues.. What are the issues?? We don't know because after calling all 5 numbers provided Plus the Department of Employment Security We cant get through to anyone!  Its very frustrating and now up to God to figure it out because I have exhausted all resources.. Yes I know I am suppose to go to Him First.. I did and Faith With OUT works is dead..
 Anyway My Blessings....
 1. Of course My Husband and 3 girls!!!
2. This absolutely wonderful house we live in.
3. Beautiful weather!
4.My right mind....Hey!! Don't laugh at that one!!
5. Needs provided despite what I may think is needed...
6. No serious health problems..
7. A way to provide some of the food my family needs.
8. Decent vehicles that  don't take massive amounts of gas.
9.Common Sense
10. Good Friends
11 My Husband
12. A Front AND Back porch...
13. The swing and rocking Chair to go with The porch.
14. Still living in a Some what free country..
15.. My list could go on but I am out of time....
16. Oh wait cant forget COFFEE!!!....... yikes that was close...haha


Missouri Gal Nicole said...

This is what happens when states cut state workers. One person is doing 3 or more peoples jobs; the general public suffers! They never cut the chiefs only the indians. We are the ones that actually do the work!
Sorry to get on my soap box but you are seeing the effects of Gov. Nixon cutting back!

Carolyn said...

I did that today too! It really works.

tree ocean said...

I don't know about your state but here the gov't has shutdown days. To save money. Maybe it was a shutdown day?
A state worker friend of mine is taking his vaca this week..

Yes blessings over 100F in the sun and I am loving it!I had a day off and did the laundry and it is all clean but not folded-but we all went swimming this afternoon so who minds a few wrinkles?

Mrs. Bee said...

Oh boy, I am I with you!!
This has been the talk between me and the IRS this month:
(waited twenty minutes, had it on speakerphone...I got alot cleaned in the kitchen...)
"Where is my tax refund your website said I was getting April 27? It's now May 4"
"We can't find you paperwork but we did get it"
"There was an issue but you are still getting your refund."
"What was the issue? How do you know that if you can't find my paperwork?"
"Doesn't say. But let me call that department....No one's answering, try back in a week or resend your tax forms".
Uh....finally got a letter yesterday: I entered a wrong credit, so I owe. Ok, but why was I told I was still getting a refund? AND where were my tax forms????

Somebody STOP the INSANITY!!!!!

ah. count your blessings name them opne by one...that way you won't hurt someone and go to jail :P

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

We do have so much to be thankful for! Is that you in the swing at the top? I want one!

I am sorry you are having issues.

Deanna said...

Keep the faith. I'm sure it will all work out!

Feral Female said...

Phew! Good last minute grab on the coffee there gal! Hang in there, it will all work out and at least you can see your blessings all around you. Many sadly can`t.

Flat Creek Farm said...

We've had some 'touch and go' moments lately too concerning a few things. I truly do know how you feel. I have to step back and count my blessings too... it's the only thing that works! Gratefulness therapy is what I sometimes call it :) Prayers for all of you.. hope things get better all the way around SOON. -Tammy

Amanda said...

It's very inspiring that you count your blessings. I'm praying for you and your family. I also had my women's group on Thursday morning pray for you guys. Keep your chin up. Your optimism blesses more than you know.
- Amanda

matty said...

I loved playing this with the children. They had to name five things they were thankful for -- usually not on the list was the sibling who was making life hard. But, it was still fun and changed the tone of the day.

~Tonia said...

Thank you Everyone! We did finally get thru.Didnt get a real answer..
Nope Sheryl thats not me that is my middle girl in the swing. I am a tad bit more curvy....Okay ALOT more!Lol