Monday, April 19, 2010

Sisters,Spilled Goat And Haircuts!

Friday we worked on some garden beds..
 Sisters working together is GREAT!!lol

 Helping each other with their hair!!
Woo hoo Momma didnt have too!

Candice with Pixie at the goat project Saturday.

 Ravioli hiding at the Goat Project...

 The bottle babies bucket..
 A lot less than last year..

This was last year... Just one feeding..

Rain on our way home Friday...

Haircuts... Trimming Udders This morning..
 I start selling milk this week
and it makes it easier to keep everything clean.

 All nice and clean now..
They don't mind it either..
 Only had one threaten to kick me..
 This keeps most of the dirt and hair out of the milk.

 My Spilled goat.. April is not a Normal goat..
She does not like anything high.. I mean 3 inches and higher..
Its just to much for her..
She creeps up the ramp, gets there and Does NOT move..
She could step up a few more steps and fit better but that's as far as she goes.
Dottie is trying to hurry things along.
 Sunday morning April freaked... Fell off butt first.
With me and Candice  trying to catch her.
She got back up there though.

Ethel doesn't realize some one is nursing the other side...
She only has one baby and you can see his back end.
Mariah's baby, Crash( as in Crash and Eddie)
 was sneaking a little milk !

 All the babies are doing good. They are all a month old now.. Wow that went quick. Sunshine is doing a 100% better. Her milk has come back on one side completely and Pixie has been nursing. The other side that has the mastitis is softening up and even had a little milk this morning! She is still skinny but looking so much better. She is eating well and came through all of this with no parasite problems! She almost always goes into Parasite overload when something stressful happens. So WooHoo!!
 Kyle mowed the yard for me yesterday. When I mowed last time I told him it was hard to push and he was like noo it can't be... Well so then he mows with it yesterday... For one thing the back was lower than the front and so it was dragging hiney.. the wheels needed greased too.. And he idled it up some. He said I should not have so much trouble with it now.. I knew I wasn't That much of a wimp!!
 We are working on more garden beds this week and the fence. It has got to go up! The grass is getting tall and the goats are making a mad dash for it every chance they get!Lol  I would be too..
 Church was also great yesterday! The special speaker was awesome and I like what she had to say about your problems.. Instead of listing them  and Worrying about them like we as humans tend to do Just say its in the Hands of God! Then let God handle it.
 I hope everyone has a great day!!


Goodwife said...

That is a puuuuurty udder! I love udder shots and looking at pretty goat boobies! ;) Glad Sunshine is recouping nicely and that you are enjoying the weather. Your girls have beautiful hair! We are enjoying the nice weather as well!

Texan said...

Busy busy huh :O)... so your selling your goat milk :O) that is great!!

Your girls hair is very pretty!

It is hard to believe your goat kids are already a month old!!

tree ocean said...

great pix! Glad sunshine is better! How did you treat the mastitis?

Feral Female said...

Glad Sunshine is better! Nice udder shot too!

Brenda said...

I'm sure glad Kyle found and fixed the problem with the lawn mower! That should make mowing somewhat easier. Now if it wasn't all up hill!

Looks like the goat project meeting was a lot of fun.

It's great news about Sunshine. I'm SO glad she's better.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures!


Amy said...

Glad Sunshine is doing better.

Have a wonderful day.

matty said...

Pretty girls and darling goats! I haven't shaved my girls, but I think it is in the future going to be the plan. It does look better and has to help with cleanliness. Anything to help with that, right?

I love the hidey place with Ravioli! Such a cutie!

Good to be back visiting! Where has the week gone?