Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Panel Barn And Update On Sunshine

The Great Rock Retriever!!
This is Roscoe, Brenda's dog.
As soon as you pull up he is bringing you a rock!

Another version of the Panel and Tarp barn.
We helped Brenda at Granny's Best put this together today.
Its not quite finished.
 The front and back need rope run through it and tightened down.
 Update on Sunshine.... She hollered at me when I went to the barn tonight. Like her Normal!! Yeah! She is eating hay like its going out of style and the Mastitis is slow breaking up on the bad side. She is also getting more milk in the other side.. She still looks like a walking skeleton. But I am going to add a little Manna pro to her grain this week. It just takes a little bit and has all sorts of things that will help her recoup..
 This morning was the first morning of all babies being locked away all night.. I got 4 gallons of milk this morning and that was leaving some for the babies.. I am trying yogurt again. I am determined to make it work right!Lol!!
 Okay I just thought I would post real quick. I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow!!


Brenda said...

Tonia - I sincerely thank you, Candice, Kara, and Kyla ... from the bottom of my heart ... for the help putting the panel/tarp barn together today!!!

The babies enjoyed playing outside today in their new yard and tarp barn shelter very very much. I put a light in it before dark so they could have their "night light" :D They were all snuggled in when I checked on them before coming in this evening.

I am SO excited to have it up so they could get out into the fresh air to play in the warm sunshine!

Oh - Great photo of Roscoe too!

Goodwife said...

Hi Tonia! Just thought I'd let you know how I do my yogurt in case you are interested. It's super easy and I've never had it not work, although since I've been making it in the warmer weather I've been putting the pad on medium. It's so very yummy, I'd rather eat it than icecream! Glad Sunshine is feeling better!

tree ocean said...

Glad to hear she is one the mend!

Feral Female said...

Tee-hee, our yellow lab Poe is a rock hound too!

Barn looks great and I`m glad to hear Sunshine seems to be coming around!

~Tonia said...

You are very welcome Brenda!!
I will check out the yogurt recipe. I do know why mine flopped the other day though. Brenda got me hooked on the yogurt last year!

Deanna said...

I'm glad to hear Sunshine is doing better.

We are thinking about goats... haven't decided yet.


Amy said...

I am glad Sunshine is doing better.

You will have to tell us how the yogurt comes out.

Have a wonderful day.