Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lizards And Goat Talk(huh...imagine that)....

The girls newest addition to their terrarium.
A little wood lizard...
 Should have seen the one they tried to put in there..

Frog Hugs?

View from my front porch..

Let's Try This...

Yuck... Wrong end....

Katy "helping"!

***Warning for my non-goaty friend's reading***
***More Goat Talk***

This is Mariah's udder..
Easy to milk and very soft.
She is a first freshener this year and is really doing good!
 I am soo impressed with her..
Despite the fact she considers the milkstand her Spot.
And tries to stay there even though she is done
and there is No more food!
 I milked her this morning..
Left some for her 2 babies and got a little over a half gallon.

This is Hope's udder..
 This is second time around and she is doing excellent!
 Another easy milker.
 She is milking as much in one milking as her dam who is a 6yr old. 
I got 3/4 of gallon left some for the 2 babies
and they will nurse till this evening around 8pm.
 Then I put babies in with the other that get locked away at night.

 This is April's udder who is Hope's momma.
She is 6yrs old..
She is being milked twice a day due to her traumatic kidding.
Her milk has come up to 1 1/2-2 gallons a day..
Not quite hit that 2 gallons mark!
I need to get my scales and weigh it but they got lost in the move..
 I got her when she was almost 2 yrs old.
The farm had goats every where!!
At least 200 and babies everywhere.
I don't know how well she had been cared for.
Her udder attachments are the best but they aren't bad either..
 I am Hopefully going to be milking her through this year...

 Our goats are not spoiled in the least bit either!!
 I had considered bottle raising all of them..
 Glad I didn't this is much easier on my sanity!!Haha
But if it wasn't for my girls I don't think they would be as socialized as they are..
They play with them and baby them well!
 I have gotten not much more than chores done today... Girls have been on the ball. After getting chores and school done they are spring cleaning upstairs..... I need to do some of that down here... Maybe another cup of coffee will motivate me... Maybe...
 If you are interested in a Giveaway on a blog... My friend Brenda at Granny's Best is having a give away..
 You can see the details by clicking Here... It's YUMMY Stuff!!
 I really need to do something like this.. I have won a couple of giveaways on different blogs.. but I honestly don't know what I would giveaway... Hmm Well I could think of several things But I am sure someone would return them to me real quick!Lol So I must think some more...
 Okay.. daylight's a wastin'! You all have a perfectly beautiful day!


Goodwife said...

Mariah has a lovely udder! They all do actually. Nothing better than a goat you love, growing up to have a beautiful udder that is easy to milk! So all these critters are in the same terrarium? Did they catch everything wild? Good grief I'm glad my daughter isn't standing here, or she'd so be wanting to set one up!

~Tonia said...

The terrarium is an excellent science project. They are little and in the same thing. They have to learn about where they live and provide appropiate shelter for each creature.. Also food and water preference for each one.
They have to catch flies and worms to feed them..
We have looked them up online and in books to get all the info..

Jennifer said...

Nice udders! I love that picture of the kid tasting his mom's ear then "yuck"! Too cute, it made me laugh.

Goodwife said...

Well that's just too cool!

Nezzy said...

What a great enviro lesson the little terrarium is. I just love those little wood lizards. I had a bunch in my rose garden a few years ago and they would join me when I would tend to the roses. I believe they could understand me...just sayin'! Heeehehe!

Those are some utters there, talk about stretch marks!

God bless and have a wonderful Wednesday this beautiful day!!!

Brenda said...

The terrarium looks like something I put together when I was a kid. I loved bringing in things from the woods and the pong to put into it. I always kept my family guessing what I would bring in next!

I am VERY impressed with Mariah and her udder! She has a much bigger and better udder than her mother, Calin! I'm glad she turned out so nice for you.

Carol............. said...

Good Grief! Udderly unbelievable how much milk that holds ......LOL

Rural Rambler said...

Well Tonia you know that I love your picture of your view from your front porch. You even got a jet trail in there! But I didn't think that I would be looking at goat udders with such interest :) I truly learn something new here almost everyday! I checked out your friend Brenda's blog yesterday morning and was fascinated by the milking process and the cheese making-very interesting. I love the girl's terrarium! And may I say that I am impressed with all those udders. I have never milked a goat, I think I need to learn :)

~Tonia said...

Rural You will just have to stop by sometime and milk a Goat!!
We have been enjoying the front porch more often since the weather is nicer.

Amy said...

See, I'll be a goat expert by the time I get some!!! LOL

Your view from the porch is great.

It has cooled down here. It is beautiful.

Have a wonderful day.

Deanna said...

That terrarium is cool. I didn't know udders could be so interesing lol. We have lambs bouncing around right now. I need to get out and get some pictures of them. This will probably be our last year :(