Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yes I Am STILL Waiting........................

Yeah Flowers!! Kara picked these for me!
 Left them right where I couldn't miss them..
In front of the PC!Haha

 A very good cup of coffee this morning
in my new favorite coffee cup from a  dear friend!

DC hiding... She knows she has been spotted! 

Moses spotted the bottle bucket!

Jacob and Bruce followed very quickly!!

I am Starving here!! I have all the hay and grain I could want.
A bottle less than 30 minutes ago..
 But I am Starving!

 Wanna count my ribs??
I am thinking Jacob is rolling his eyes here!

Poor Pitiful babies.....

Wooo hoooo FOOD is here again!

 She looks dead!LOL
But she wasn't just very sound asleep!

The ticking time bomb...
Still ticking..
See that dent above her tail there is Nothing but Skin!
I don't know how she is holding on..
 They are conspiring!
 I am shocked that I have no babies yet.. I was getting worried about Sunshine but she isn't dilated just loosened ligaments in her tail and goo every once in a while and the stretching and yawning....
 I have more that are loosing ligs too. April is the only one with out a full udder and ligs loosening.. She is also the biggest! SO we will see. I am telling you they cannot wait much longer.. I am going to take does to the buck next year so I know due dates for sure.. no more of this waiting and seeing junk!Lol!!
  Okay that all I got maybe one day I will have something more than goats to post about... Oh I took some more old barn pics today. I haven't looked at them yet.... Okay I am out of here! Have a good night everyone!!


Brenda said...

The flowers are a beautiful surprise. Kara is a sweetheart.

I was wondering if you had any kids today. I think I'm holding my breath right along with you!

The boys look really good. I can't believe they think they're starving! :D

Linda said...

Moses is still so CUTE!

I bet your are going nuts by now...

Laura said...

I can so feel your pain, my Oberhasli Doe finally had hers last night, I stayed with her till 2 am waiting, you could tell it was time but under my watch she did not have them, finally went to bed since I have to work today and when I got back up at 5 she had three babies out, sadly one did not make it. I wish I had stayed with her, maybe I could have saved it. I just left the other two, they seem really week but breathing. I am going to let Juniper care for them and hope they do ok today while I am at work today. the good news is one of them is a little Doe who looks like her mama, I am very happy about that. Hope today is your day!!

Feral Female said...

What a nice surprise! Flowers!!

My gosh that doe looks ready to pop at any second. They do like to keep us on our toes don`t they?

lisa said...

Hope they are born soon...the flowers are beautiful.. Can't wait to see the pictures soon...Lisa

tree ocean said...

Don't forget your little bucks. who look great!...but next september you will have a break out and you can write 165 days or whatever it is I cna' and presto, babies! hahhah *evil chuckle*

WeldrBrat said...

I'm not sure which is the worst part of pregnancy anymore - all those months prior - or - the over-due days like this poor girl's going through. I dunno - girlie. Might wanna check the Almanac's moon chart to give you added strength for hanging in there - and a little more hope to go with! Never can have too much of that!

Goodwife said...

Not a thing wrong with only having goats to post about! ;)

I knew exactly when my girls would be at 150 days and the waiting STILL stinks! Can't wait to see baby pics!

Texan said...

oh ya I know this story .. my Sugarcube I thought would never have those kids ...after she had tried to do it as early as two months a head of time... but then let her due date approach and poof nothing nadda ... tee hee just like that poem/story you posted LOL goaties are funny like that