Thursday, March 25, 2010

Post #375!!! Wow...

We had sunshine for a couple of days...
So we did some of this!...

Here is a little Silkie chick.
 He is starting to feather out.
 Buts its hard to see it on the Silkies.
We think its a rooster.... not sure but... 

Another one of the little banty chicks.
Their little tails stick up all the time.
 You can see this one's feathers.
Won't be to much longer and we will be sending them out!

We had to do a little of this too..
It was bad....
 But then every time I have ever cleaned out a chicken pen its gross!lol

Moses Begging!!
 I have to tell the girls he is NOT a dog!!

Ethel's boy. He is a cutie..
But then what baby goat isn't!

One of Mariah's boys..
He is only a 1/4 Lamancha and got these ears!!

The babies playing on the rocks!

Ethel the careful mom...
 Okay she is VERY careful and panicky when he doesn't answer right away.
Like when he is piled up with everyone else sleeping.
She hollers for him..
. He doesn't respond she runs to the pile of babies and starts waking them up!
 I am sure the other moms don't appreciate it!

The house baby...
In a Milk-Induced Coma!!Haha

 I have lots of running to do today.. Oh yeah.. But it has to be done. All well. Looks like Kyle is rained out for the day... And so begins Spring! But that's okay I can handle this compared to the freezing cold! I am Happy with slightly chilly rain... As long as the flowers keep blooming! Can't wait for Red buds and Dogwoods to start! I will miss our old house because the woods was full of Dogwood trees. In the spring you would see all this white out in the woods... People would drive by and take pictures.... All well there maybe some here too.. Since this is our first spring here!
 I got my finally rose bush planted. Its a Salmon colored climber.. Can't wait to see what it looks like..
The girls and I also got some seeds started. Some herbs, Morning glories and tomato plants.. They are on the basement under grow lights.. I am not going to overwhelm myself like I tend to of with garden stuff this year. I am starting with a few things in small beds and then will add a little more next year.. We have extremely rocky soil here on this hill.. I also have a project in the works with the old fallen in rock barn..I will post more about that later..
 I have to get going... Milking Rodeo is still happening! Not as bad but still quit the job to get those girls up there. April is on the mend and acting MUCH better!!
 I hope everyone has a Great day!!


Brenda said...

Tonia - I LOVE all of the photos! The goat babies are too cute ... Moses is a hoot ... the house baby is precious ... the chickies are cute too ... and the flowers are beautiful! Your photos and stories always give me a smile :D

Goodwife said...

I'm so curious to hear about the fallen in rock barn! I start milking one of my first fresheners next weekend. It's always a drama breaking a new one to the pail! Hope you have a great day, and ps...I love that Silkie chick! I want a trio of Silkies so bad!

Amy said...

I love the chicks too.

I though that baby bunnies were the cutest things in the world. Goats and chicks are pretty close!!

Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, LOL at the begging picture!


matty said...

What pretty, pretty babies! Don't you love 'em?? I kissed Annabell on the nose, yesterday, and she did that goat sniff thing. Made me feel a little uncomfortable!

Glad April is better!

Take care,


tree ocean said...

Great pix!

happyjunker said...

Your flowers are lovely! I am with you on not doing so much this year on planting. I would have a couple hundred little seedlings started by now, and overwhelm myself by planting time when my beds were not ready for them to be planted and they were leggy and root bound.

I need to spend more time working on fencing and housing my goats, and figuring out what housing for hubby and I will end up being.

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful family and goats. I love seeing them. I can't wait to see and hear of your plans with the rock barn. We had lots of rain this morning too, but I believe sunshine is in the works for tomorrow. Tracy.

Feral Female said...

The kids are looking great!

Ashley Danielle said...

I just found your blog, but I have to say it is simply adorable! Check mine out if you have time and let me know what you think!

*miracles and blessings*
~Ashley Danielle

Carol............. said...

What fun pictures! That baby goat could sleep on my couch anytime! LOL

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia I love all the photos too and I am in love with that Silkie chick!! The 'aww' factor is off the charts with him/her standing there all cute and fluffy :)

Laura said...

I am amazed at how big those babies look in only a short time!! Great pictures, I have a couple of silkie chicks too, can't wait to see if they are hens or Roosters, hopefully one of each.

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures! That little chick with it's tail sticking straight up is the cutest thing, they all are though. Ethel just sounds like a good mom to me, much better than the old broads that walk off and forget where they left their kids at!