Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Herbal Dabblings.....

But first Another baby pic...
He is no longer so little and cute!Lol

He was bad today!...
 He was doing alot of this around the house
 and jumped in the middle of Candice and knocked her
whole plate into the floor!
A toddler goat and hormonal teenager!
Oh Yeah......

 Okay On to the subject...
This is my current goat grain..Its a 14% stockgrower mixed half and half with a 16% dairy feed....
Then I add Black Oil Sunflower Seeds(BOSS)and Red Raspberry(the green stuff).
 BOSS Has Vit E and Selenium in it to help with the deficiency since we are in a low selenium area.
Selenium Deficiency will cause birthing problem and muscle weakness among other things.. 
Red Raspberry is good for reproductive organs and milk production.
It will strengthen uterine muscles to help get babies in the right position for birth..
It will also help with fertility....

This is Slippery Elm Bark Powder..
 Great for stomach problems.. It coats and heals Mucous membranes too.
If bottle babies are having problems with scours and its not Coccidiosis or other sickness
Then Slippery Elm should do the trick. I like using it better than Pepto or other meds..
 It does have a disclaimer though.. Its not meant for long term use.. It can coat the stomach and intestines
so well you or whatever you give it to wont absorb nutrients...
It takes alot of it for several months though to cause this..
 Its not bad tasting though. I put it in applesauce and take it like that..
Also if you dont have Slippery Elm or pepto, Blackberry leaves works Wonders!!
I had a goat that got into chicken feed had serious scours.. I threw a couple of leafy blackberry canes and kept her locked up with that and hay as her only feed.. 24 hours and scours where gone completely!

Comfrey is a new one for me...
I have been reading several places about giving it to goats..
 Its also called bone knit since it helps heal especially broken bones..
They say a couple of leaves a week per goat is good enough to give them what they need..
So I will be adding it to their grain once a week..
I am also going to start growing it since they say once you get it started its really easy to grow.
It will also be cheaper! If I can get it started in the pasture then I wont have to feed it with grain..

You can also soak Comfrey leaves for a natural fertilizer..
It takes about 4 days... We will see how well it does....

This is Dandelion... It makes GREAT hot tea!! With a little raw honey...Or alot like I drink it!
Dandelion helps detox your body, It helps your liver clean out so it can work better.
I drank alot of it after my surgery. All parts are edible of the Dandelion and has no known cautions!

This is Black Walnut Leaf and Hull powder..
The high levels of tannins makes it good for repelling parasites..
To much though could dry my goats up though so it will be small amounts once a week.
 Along with the Comfrey and a few other things..... I didn't actually mean to mix the 2 but since they will be fed together it was okay I oopsed and dumped the 2 together..... It taught me to read All of the label!

 This is Wormwood.. Also a wormer... In high quantities it can cause abortion.
It will be given once a week with the Comfrey and Black Walnut up until time for breeding...

Flax seed.... Is for the chickens! It also helps them with parasites!
Along with ground up Carrots, Garlic, and Cayenne pepper. You feed them only this for 24 hours and repeat in a week.. It has been working for me! I got it from Backyard Poultry Naturally By Alanna Moore
There is more in that book. Great book!!

This is Activated Charcoal. GREAT for making messes!!Lol I had it everywhere!!
But also for anything poisonous that maybe ingested.. For humans or animals.
Start with a 1tsp in enough water to swallow or drench with it..
More than one dose maybe needed... Its a just in case thing to have around.....

Lemongrass is something I haven't tried much yet with the dried herb.. But love the essential oil!!
Its a great bug repellent and I am going to add it to the Pennyroyal for a pillow for our house dogs
to help repel fleas and ticks.. We will see....

One thing I have been able to grow really well!
It has 3 little babies that I separated out.They are really easy to grow..
You don't want to over water or sit in direct sun though they WILL DIE!!Lol
 I have used it for burns and other things..

This is something available at feed stores or farm supply stores..
Its all natural. They have it for goats, chickens and rabbits..
But it is all the same.. For colds and snuffles its 2-4 drops in each nostril.
A few drops in the ears for ear mites in rabbits..
Works great!

I was also going to cover my essential oils but this is getting long so I will save it!
I have more natural remedies and herbs in my cabinets in pill form. Kyla and Kara take some along with their thyroid medicine and it helps their thyroid levels. Even through puberty its holding steady which the doctor says is rare!! Kyle also takes some things for his back that makes it at least tolerable but usually it doesn't hurt like it use too.. He had tried Cortisone shots and pain meds.. But him not being able to tie his own shoes got old for both of us!! Lol
 Now I don't Not use regular medicine.. I think its good in moderation like natural medicine.. The over use of pain meds and antibiotics have caused some serious problems. So if I can use something natural I will do it..
All of it Natural and Chemical can get expensive and can be dangerous.. I tell the doctors what we take.. Whether they agree or not.. I have only had one who was okay with it.. The others get a little snotty about it.. But that's their problem.. It has never caused more problems. It usually helps the other meds work better..
 Most natural remedies have a much wider margin of error than your chemical counter parts..
This is all my opinion and what I have read and studied on my own...
Its what I do for me, my family, and my animals.. 
 Okay my brain is getting tired and the babies are hollering for the last bottle of the night.. Good Night!
I forgot.....  I get most of my bulk herbs from Herbalcom. It has been the best deal I have found!
I was only able to get very small quantities before from the health food stores because of the mark up. I also didnt know where it came from or if it was organic or what... Okay that is really it now. Good night!..


Brenda said...

Tonia - Thank you for sharing the way you use the herbs for your family and for the animals. I find these kinds of things very interesting.

I just placed my first order with Herbalcom this morning and was very pleased with their pricing.

Sounds like Moses is getting into trouble with all of his bouncing around!

tree ocean said...

Lots of nice herbs no wonder you needed the jars!

Flax seed can be fed to goats too, but expensive. The farm just started it again for skin/coat. I fed it to mine for awhile then planted the rest when they ditched us out and it was soo pretty growing along the road!

Laura said...

I see that Brenda mentioned Herbalcom, is that the place you get your herbs from? I would like to learn more, please do post your essential oil uses, very interesting post.

Feral Female said...

Very informative entry about how you use herbs!

Sounds like Moses is truly a toddler goat! =)

Spinner said...

Great post! I have recently started taking several herbal remedies for high blood pressure. Herbalcom has much better prices than what I have been paying. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to hearing more.

small farm girl said...

Tonia, thanks for posting about herbs. I want to get into them more. I have a small herb garden,but it's no where near what I want it to be. How did you learn about all of the herbs? Do you have any suggestions on a book or website for a beginner like me?Thank you once again.

Oh, Moses is still a cutie. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

You are a wealth of information!!
I should tell BigD to be taking comfrey to help those bones knit together.
When LilSis was a wee girl, she had almost constant diarreha(she had a thing for sticking her literally dirty hands in her mouth...we use to say she had to get her pund of dirt a day or she'd be grumpy!) but she wasn't losing any amount of weight. The doctors just shined me off but there was a gal at the health food store who told me to give her Black Walnut extract, I think we started with ten drops a day, then eight and so on until she had come to the end of that. Worked like a charm and she never had the problem again.
Getting her to stop eating dirt was a little harder...

~Tonia said...

Lol Tina you are so funny!! They say you dont want to eat Comfrey! But if you do have broken bones you make a poultice out of it, apply it to the area and change it once a day....
Usually if they are eating dirt they are low in Iron!
I will be posting next on my books and my oils! I LOVE my eesential oils!

Nezzy said...

Don't ya'll just love takin' the natural route??? I get so much more positive results from them!

Thanks for the greatly informative post.

You have yourself a fantastically blessed day!!!

Kelle said...

I agree with you and actually learned something about goats and their supplimnet needs.

Comfrey should not be ingested by humans and I'm not entirely sure even with animals.

Can I make a suggestion, try Tea Tree oil for mites, works well for surface bacteria/ fungus too. Wroks wonders on toenail fungus, much better than the store bought treatments. I would however suggest you try the tea tree in a test spot to be sure it won't irritate you or your animals.

Borage is another good herb to have on hand, it encourages longer milk production and the young and tender leaves can be added to salads( tastes like cucumbers) it's also good in teas so soothe soar throats. Seed oil is great for adrenal function,ease the stresses of menopause,obesity, rheumatism and steriod and antibiotic treatments.

Yarrow is a good immune builder, as well as an excellent coagulant for bleeding

A good book to have on hand is "The Herbal Home Remedy Book" You just have to adjust your treatments for size of person or animal. Another really good one for animals is; "The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable" by Juilette de Bariracli Levy. She also has one for dogs and cats as well.

~Tonia said...

Borage makes a good hot tea too. I mix it with Dandelion.
Comfrey is safe for animals to eat. It is grown as fodder for cattle in some countries(All Natural Goat Care) and recommended in Storeys Guide for Raising Dairy goats in a goat garden.. It is one of the few plants that contains Vit B-12 naturally..

tree ocean said...

I forgot to say thanks for all your tips on using those herbs! It is very motivating to hear someone putting it to practical use in stead of just reading it in books. I have "A field guide to medicinal plants" which has a use index so if I have a problem I just start looking up the different listings to find a plant I have on hand...and "A Modern Herbal" Grieve, author, which has a lot of old timey facts. It's a huge fat book I got very cheap from Barnes and Noble. I have other herb books but those are my go-tos and both are for humans. (gotta teach those goats to read, lol)

That was funny about the dirt my daughter was the same way and one day she was sent home from day care with explosive you know what and they feared a virus-but I knew better, yup, sand from her sandbox...what good are sand cakes if you can't eat a few?

Deborah said...

Thanks for posting all the information. I have been interested in herbs for a long time, just wasn't sure how to use them. Will look forward to read about your essential oils (love the few I have)and the books you use. E.O. are great for a multitude of uses. If you would be so kind, could you tell me the dosages you use for your goats? I am looking into trying the natural approach for their health care. Sure would beat the high cost of medical care if I could prevent some problems.