Monday, March 15, 2010

More Chick Pics!

The Brooder/Kid pen...
This is what Moses, Jake and Bruce stayed in,
when they were inside.
When the chicks are ready to spread out
I will have to like the sides with chicken wire.
May have to divide it in half and put baby goats in one side..
If they ever have them.....

Heat lamps are clamped and zip tied to keep from falling..
they are about 2 ft from the floor right now..
I will slowly move them up and reduce to one till time to go outside..  
As long as they are scattered around
and not bunching up they are warm enough.
I scared them here... Didnt mean too...

We zip tied the boxes together to enclose
and make as draft free as possible.

 Marbles in the water? keeps them from walking in it.
So they have nice clean water most of the time..

Overindulgence here???

I sprinkled a little feed here and they went nuts!
Banty next to full size chick...

Banties on the side and big chick in the middle.
The blocks raise up the water
so they don't have the urge to turn around and poop in it..
 Same with the food but they aren't scratching it out yet..

Hobo,Our chicken protector!!
The chickens will go in her house and lay their eggs if they are out.
Today the cats killed a wild rabbit.
She took it from them and was standing guard over it.
 She may be only 20 lbs but she thinks she is 100+

 Kara drew this..
 All 3 girls helped with this.
This is my mom and dad's Sunday school classroom for 4&5 yr olds.
The girls did the fish, whale and other stuff.
It glows under the black light. The kids loved it!

Kara also drew the skunk..

 There are still no goat babies!  I thought Sunshine was going to go early but she didn't. I checked the calender again and the first possible due date was March 9th according to when the buck got here... So now Your guess is as good as mine!Lol All the bellies and ligs are doing their thing you know dropping and disappearing...
 Its not to bad out today a little chilly.. I couldn't stand it though I got charcoal and going to grill burgers and hot dogs for supper.. Making Potato Salad and a green salad too.. Yum.. I am ready for real warm weather..
 Have a good evening everyone!


Goodwife said...

I've been cooking on the grill as well. I don't stop cooking on it until the temps get so low that the propane grill won't work. (Yeah, I use propane.....LOL) Can't believe you still have no babies.....the waiting truly is the hardest part!

Linda said...

Oh you are soooo making me want to go ahead and get chicks! Maybe I should... hum.

Kara's drawings are nice... a budding artist there!

small farm girl said...

I love the chicks! We are hatching our own chicks. First time for everything. You have a very talented daughter. Or should I say daughters.hehehehe

WeldrBrat said...

I showed your pics to Dwayne. We stopped off at Co-Op on our way back in from errands today. I picked up a lamp, water-base and covered feeder. I also picked up a heat lamp bulb. Are you using regular bulbs, or, the heat lamp bulbs? Wondering if I should buy a second lamp. I love your 'guard dog'! He is so handsome! And he just looks so fearsome! LOL

~Tonia said...

I would have a heat lamp bulb for sure. I have a 250 watt bulb. If not 2 depending on where you are going to have them at. If its fairly warm then one would be enough. Chicks cant handle the cold very well. They do best at about 95* then slowly lower temps till they are feathered out and ready to go outside.

tree ocean said...

beautiful art work!

That's a great pen-you'll get lots of use out of that!

I love chicks but we are swamped in eggs right now!

I should hatch them out and sell the chicks! LOL

Brenda said...

The girls are very talented artists!

I love how you have taken the precautions with keeping the chicks' water clean. That is so cool! It makes perfect sense when I see your photos. I would never have thought of putting it up on bricks and marbles in it. Keeping the water clean is one of the things I hate about raising chicks ... and I love raising chicks! You are so creative!

Kelle said...

Wow, such artistic talent, she needs to persue that!

One question, why the marbles in the waterer?
The chicks look great, ours are due to arrive next week. We still need to find a big enough box for 25 fluff balls. Not even sure what we're going to do with them once they ae big enough to go outdoors. We're out of room, until we butcher some stew hens and some roosters. Guess that will inspire us to rebuilt the chicken tractor, LOL!
Cortney has been lambing at our friend's place and out of approx 40 lambs 32 are male, not what our friend wanted at all! She's praying the remaining 60+ ALL have girls! LOL!

We always say with our cow, turkey and chickens we don't care, as long as they are healthy, but I do realize that there are benefits to having females, especially if you are trying to build a herd.

Your babies are precious, thanks for sharing the pictures, can't wait until end of April to share our new calf pictures!

~Tonia said...

Marbles in the water keeps them from walking in it and making it dirty. I read about it for turkeys and it works for chicks too..
Last year on the farm we were on I ended up with 92 sheep and goats! Thats babies, moms and dads. I had up to 12 bottle babies at one time and I was wore out!