Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Goat Milking Rodeo and BABIES!!

Here is the inside baby. He is so big!
Doing good though. Eating a lot compared to most newborns!

How about these ears??

The 2 little doelings that are staying!
No names yet.. I am thinking..

Now for the pile up pics!
Babies love to sleep in Piles for the most part..
There are 5 babies in this pic.

Comfy are we??

Squished at nap time!
Lol Not really he was sprawled out.

 Hope's girl and Abby's boy in the tub.

 The Big Boys!!

 My Neeewww Milk stand!!
 Its so nice! Cost me 2 doelings!

Mariah enjoying a treat of milk!
 She is feeding two big boys.

Some handy dandy S hooks Kyle got me yesterday.
 Holding a 5 gallon bucket of grain out of goats reach!
Believe me you have to go High!

 The muck... But at least its warmer!

April is doing much better!
Her appetite is coming back!!

   Now for the goat milking rodeo..... I got the new milkstand in trade for the 2 little doelings. Its looks great and is Very sturdy! Kyle had built me one Several years ago. It was big and after moving it once it was pretty much done for. But I had milked on it alot... I am thinking 5 years...
 Anyways... So Kyle and I get it moved into the barn.. The goats are looking at it like its an alien or something. I had been sitting on a milk crate next to them for the last 8-9 months to milk or anything.. You would think I was trying to torture them!
  Sunshine has always been first she is herd queen and NO one got ahead of her.. Till yesterday! She Ran to the other side of the pen and wouldn't even look at me!! So then I put grain in and that got some attention but not enough to get anyone up on the stand! Noooo They skidded to a halt.. I added a ramp because its fairly high and my goats wont jump up on it. Well the older ones won't anyway. I finally got Abby close enough and practically picked her up and set her up there! At least she isn't 250 lbs.. She is still growing so it wasn't impossible to pick her up... But there is more to her than meets the eye!
 So I get them up there one by one... Someone pulling another pushing all the way.. By the time we get their head locked in they are trying to lay on me! This thing is trying to eat them ya know?
 Generally once they got up there they would start eating grain and let me milk... But some of them took exception to me taking the babies milk! Not that any of them are starving. I had made sure all the babies had eaten and I still got over 2 gallons of milk from everyone!! I was sore from wrestling with everyone but I had to do it all over again last night..  Getting everyone on the stand gives me a chance to look them over and makes sure Momma goat is doing okay! Its not as long at night  there isn't as much milk after all day and babies are starting to pick up on eating. They are Growing! The quads are about as big as everyone else.. Since 2 of them left yesterday that just leaves 2 babies on a mom putting out enough milk for 4!....
 I thought maybe with the stand being in there all night they would adjust to it... Nope we went round 3 this morning! I am getting my work out I tell ya!  They are all shedding their winter coat so you can imagine what I look like when I am done!! All well they will eventually get use to it..
  The girls took their school work outside today! Its absolutely beautiful out. We also get to clean out the chicken pen!! Its in desperate need of it! I was rather embarrassed for visitors to see it yesterday! but I can only do so much and babies have been top priority..
  Speaking of babies.. My little chicks are already feathering out! They are not real pretty when they do this but its their sort of gawky teenage time.. I will have to get some pics to post tomorrow...
 Okay I have got to get going everyone have a good day!


Linda said...

Tonia, you sure have some pretty goaties!

Amy said...

I get all dreamy after reading your blog. Hubby always asks me if I have been on your blog again!!!

Goats don't need a huge area. They won't bother rabbits. I am getting lots of ideas!!!!!

Have a wonderful day.

tree ocean said...

Ten boys, plus the three big boys...sounds like the farm! LOL

did the lamancha's kids have long ears?

small farm girl said...

You need someone to take a video of you wrestling the goats. lol. Now that would get some hits on youtube. hehehehehe

~Tonia said...

Hmm I think I will have to pass on the video!Lol
Abby's boy pictured in the post is Lamancha... His momma was 3/4 Lamancha and 1/4 Nubian he has long ears....
Mariah who is 50/50 Nubian/ Lamancha bred back to Nubian Her Boys have Little ears!! I will have to post their pics and show it!
My goats are in to small of an area for me but I dont plan on the dry lotting being permanent. But Nigerian Dwarfs are becoming for people with small areas. But they wille at rabbit food!Lol

Brenda said...

The babies all look so shiny and healthy! I can't quit laughing about your goat milking rodeo! Don't remind me that I said that when I start milking my first fresheners in a few weeks!!

Feral Female said...

The kids are looking wonderful and that milking stand is to die for!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, been there, done that! We keep our milk stand in the aisle way of our barn and they watch the other does get on it and then they get used to jumping up on it their selves!


Anonymous said...

The other day I let the "3 ladies" out to graze in the soon to be garden area and I had to figure out how to get them back in afterwards...i am out of sweet feed right now, which I use as a bribe to get them to go where I want them...and wrestling wasn't working!
Then I remembered:
I had bought Nacho Cheese Dorito's!
So I grabbed the bag from the pantry andfound them on the side of the house...I said, "Lookey what mama's got" and you would have thought I had a bucket of sweet feed....I had to run into their yard, drop a few on the ground and jet back out!
Yeah, I move pretty fast for an ol gal :)