Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Books And Essential Oils!

This is the book is the one I started with...
It is A LOT of info...
 Covering Symptoms,Treatments and Supplements.
 I think it gets revised every couple of years..
Mine is old..8-10 yrs I think...

 These are great little books that make it easy to understand!
The Aromatherapy book has just about every oil listed.
 Some I had never seen before..

 Natural Goat Care is my newest book..
 I like it but its kind of hard to figure out the difference in  things from Australia
 and what the counter part  is here in the US.
 Raising Dairy Goats is one I recommend to everyone looking at getting dairy goats.
It covers alot and saved one of my goat girls when she had tangled kids.
Doesn'T have so much Natural stuff but alot on goats requirements..
I would like to add the book by Juliette de Bairacli Levy's Herbal Handbook For Farm and Stable.
Cats are the only animals that you have to be Very Very careful when it comes to natural care..
Most other respond well...

 My Poultry book! Really Like this one!

Now for the oils... Some I keep Large quantities!!
 But those big bottles last me at least a year!
I will List them and what I use them for after the pic...
My 3 main oils are..
  Lavender-I love the smell! It is great for small burns and sunburns.. I add some to Cocoa butter and rub it on sunburns next day its gone.. I am Very fair skinned!! If I get grease popped on me or touch something to burn enough to bring up a blister it takes the heat out almost immediately! My book has it listed for all sorts of things.. I had a hay bale fall on my ankle one time and it caught between the hay bale and the door frame.. Hurt like crazy was swelling and bruising . I rubbed Lavender on it neat and with in 30 minutes you couldn't even see it.. It should have broken my ankle.. I use it to wash udders too.. Great for respiratory systems since it relaxes bronchial tubes.. A Lot more to this one...

 Next one is Peppermint.... Great For congestion's of any kind!! Chest congestion, udder congestion and clogged noses due to allergies!!  It opens up your airways and clears things out.. I use it the first month or so of milking to keep the milk flowing.. My second year of milking I had a couple of cases of Mastitis and udder edema.. I started checking things out and added this to my udder wash and massaged the udders after I was done milking.. We haven't had Mastitis or edema in the last 4 years... I would not be with out it..

 Eucalyptus- Is a good disinfectant and antibacterial. Works pretty much the same as Lysol just better for you, no chemicals. I add a little to a spray bottle with vinegar and clean all my floors and counters with it.. It also helps open up your airways... Also used as a bug repellent in the chicken pen..
Vegetable glycerin will be part of my teat dip for the goats and to massage into the udders when I start milking. It warms slightly and protects the skin.
 Some of my minor ones that I still keep a good amount around..
Patchouli- Is a Great anti-fungal.. Athletes foot, ringworm and things of that natural doesn't burn either.. Its also good for acne in a carrier oil..
Rosemary is good for dandruff. Helps fight colds and flus..
Tea tree oil- good anti-fungal but burns like fire!Lol Its good for bug bites too. I use it in a spray for bugs in the chicken pen.. It also good for cavities. Put a little on a Q-tip and bite down it will kill what is causing the cavity.. after using it for a while it will quit hurting may come back though eventually....

I have 8 one ounce bottles of different oils..

Clove oil is good for any mouth sores or bad teeth. It numbs pretty much like Anbesol.
 Cassia is a type of cinnamon oil. Smells good but its also good for the sinus and helps you stay warm.
Cedarwood oil is another that I add for bug repellent. For the goats and chickens...
Lemongrass I love the smell works better than Citronella to keep away bugs on those nice summer evenings.I also use it for cleaning.. I put a few drops in my hand and smooth over legs and arms and hair..
Or add it to a spray bottle full of water. Shake and spray all over.
Lime smells good and I use it for cleaning..
Sage I use for drying up the goats when its time. I sprinkle a few drops on their feed and add it to the teat dip and massage it into the udder. Works really well on Most goats... Except Sunshine...LOL
It is also good for swollen legs and feet.. 8-10 drops in bath water and it takes it right out.. I was truly amazed!!! Or add it to lotion and rub it on your feet or hands... where ever needed...
Camphor Its good for opening up your airways and relieving congestion too. Its one of the active ingredients in Vicks vapor rub along with Eucalyptus.
 Oregano is a Super oil!! Burns like fire though so has to be used in a carrier oil. Anti-fungal, Antibacterial and Antiviral... But like I said burns!! If you can handle the burn its great... Works wonders...
I am a wimp.... lol I did use it on Foot scald along with Lavender last fall and it worked really well!

These are what I use for my goat's teat dip. They are made for cows but work for goats.
My teat dip has Vegetable Glycerin, Sweet Almond oil, peppermint, and lavender.
Amounts vary.. Generally Half/half of glycerin and almond oil.
I started looking at natural remedies and alternatives probably about 12 years ago.. When my girls were little. It was interesting.. The more I read the more interested I became. There are Many Many Many Opinions out there.. You have to just find what works for you. I went to a Natural Doctor at one time but she had me taking so many pills at once that I couldn't stomach it.. Personally I think a little at a time works better.  A healthy diet is the best thing to start with.. That's one of the reason I got goats! Raw Milk has enzymes we need to digest and use all the nutrients. That's the same reason we should eat raw veggies and fruits.. I don't however eat raw meat.. Steak a little rare But I draw the line there.. I also believe we were meant to eat a variety of foods and Moderation in Everything! Okay I am sure I forgot something that I do.. But this is what I do for the most part..


tree ocean said...

Great post! I have several of those on hand going stale in the medicine chest...great ideas and inspiration, again!

I put a few drops of lavendar oil with about a tablespoon of murphy's oil soap in a quart squirty bottle topped with water and used it on the car rugs and they smelled great! I also like to use the lavandar oil as a cologne if needed in a

Flat Creek Farm said...

Lots of great info! I have the first book - Rx for Nutritional Healing. Mine is at least as old as yours.. probably 13-15 years old.. lol. Some great info in there and much of it is timeless. And you have reminded me to check it out again. Thanks, Tonia! -Tammy

Gail said...

I love the way medicine is cycling around. Things my grandmother, a midwife, used are now being recommended by doctors.

I do have a question. Yoda, my furry adopted dog, came to me with almost no hair on his hips. I was given a medical shampoo for his itching. Now to me, shampoo would dry the skin and not help the itching. I have been putting lavendar oil on his hips but it is rather messy.

I said all that to ask this, What would you recommend for his itching skin? No fleas, nothing I can see, no flaking just itching.

Brenda said...

Great info, Tonia. I'm going to have to check out some of these oils. I like using natural remedies where ever I can. Thank you for taking the time to post on these.

small farm girl said...

Great post! Thanks for the info!

Feral Female said...

Thanks for passing along the info!

Carol............. said...

Wealth of information. Will check out the books....I LOVE books....and these look great.

Kritter Keeper said...

been using oils for years now... peppermint was my first. put a drop in a water bottle and it soothes the stomach immediately, i no longer have stomach 'ulcers'.. jessie kicked me once on the thigh and i immediately put on my wintergreen, panaway, and bruise and she had a shoe on! i use young living oils. no fillers. your friend with the dog...lavendar oil is not greasy. the oils go in immediately if they are pure. i would be careful using oils on small pets and never on cats. not sure how big her dog is... i put frankincense on a tumor on jessie's back and it went away...only a tiny hairless spot. amazing!!! i have saved many a dermatologist visit with my oils.

Deborah said...

Thanks for sharing! I know that it is important to get true essential oils and not imitations which there are many out there. Where do you find your oils? I have never seen bottles that large before and would like to get some at a fair price. Too often shops buy in bulk and just repackage at a higher price. Natural remedies is the safest way to go. Too many horror stories of approved drugs gone bad in the news lately. You've inspired me to get a few more books in the process