Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Beautiful Day!!

Their hiding place....
They have abandoned the kid corner for under the milk stand.

April's boy the one bottle baby.
 He is a sweet heart..

Look at those ears...

One of Dottie's Boys..
I think... It could be Hope's they look alot a like!

 Playing on the rocks.
 Lots of mud here... ick...

We let the moms out in the pasture for a little bit.
 Not to long because I didn't want them to get
 the runs from the green grass..
 We will have fence up soon and then they can be out all the time.

They love playing on the rocks..
 Its really muddy but is drying out some..

Pretty babies...

Most of the mommas..
 They loved being out! I don't blame them I did too..
Oh the green grass is sooo nice...
 I could almost cry...LOL

 Vinegar cheese I made today..
 I pressed it into a nice little round.
So I can slice it up..
 Pretty good stuff..
 Yogurt is next on the list..
 I have  a cold... Its drippy,sneezy and feels like my head weighs 25lbs.... Yuck! Everyone else had it and I thought I was going to Not get it... But surprise I did... I have been taking VitC among other things hopefully it will be over and not affect my ears like it usually does..
 I have been able to enjoy my front porch again.. Girls did their school work out there today too..
  Okay I will just let the pics do the talking(shocking I know) and head to bed! Have a good night all!


Brenda said...

The cheese looks yummy! What herbs did you put into it?

The babies are growing so fast. They are a good looking bunch! They found the perfect napping place under the milk stand!

Laura said...

Beautiful babies!! Your cheese looks like mine, except I use lemon juice. I need to order some supplies to expiriment with other kinds and eventually hard cheese (which seems intimidating to me)but for now I am pretty happy with this kind. Glad you are finally getting some milder weather, hope you feel better soon.

tree ocean said...

I have had a wicked cold, too. Hope you are better!

cute babies nice blocky bucky boys lol.

cheese looks awesome!

wish our grass would green up! just starting to...

Feral Female said...

The kids are looking great...and so is that cheese!

~Tonia said...

The spices in the cheese in the pic are a pizza spice mix I picked up some where... The other I just out in Basil,garlic and salt.
Laura I have used Lemon and lime juice. But usually I use flavored vinegars. It is easy...

Goodwife said...

Hey Tonia! Would you care to share your recipe for the cheese? I'd love to have a big rock like that for my goats to play on. They have thier balance beam for now, and Saturday I'm getting some spools for them to play on. This weather sure is gorgeous right now!

Anonymous said...

The spring sun in your pics makes me feel as if the heavens are shining all their goodness in concentrated form on both man and beast :)
Glad you got to enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!


Missouri Gal Nicole said...

I hope you get to feeling better! The goats look happy!!! Sorry you couldn't make it to Jacob's Cave!
Happy Easter!