Monday, March 22, 2010

And Kidding Is Over......

The last boy... Yep BOY!....
Abby had him up and
 cleaned when I got out there this morning.
He is another unusual colored baby.... And BIG!

The Keeper!! Hope's Baby girl will be staying here.
 I already love her to pieces!!

 Here she is looking at the tub like Whooaaa!

One of the sweet little quad girls and mom!

Hope's Boy... He is so sweet!

2 of the boys..
They look a lot alike but have different mommas...

Hey Mom!! Some one took My SPOT!!

Can't make Heads or Tails of anything here!!

The Bad BOY!!!
 So we are on the other end of an eventful week! We had 2 sets of quads, one set of triplets, 3 sets of twins and One single... If all babies had made it we would have 18 babies out of 7 does!! But we do have 14 Alive and Thrivin' babies.. They are everywhere out there!!
 April still hasn't passed the placenta she had a shot of Lute and I am hoping she doesn't have to have a second one.. She seems to be in a better mood though. She is still eating and drinking. She is on Antibiotics and I have been giving her Vit C which she started wolfing down like crazy..
 Now to the bad boy... You know Van that sweet boy that was to cute to put in the freezer??? Well I almost put him there this last week!! I had always said as long as he didn't use his horns on anyone he could stay..  Well this last month he has been here and there picking on the goat girls. They being all pregnant and stuff were a little testy.. Well I caught him slipping his horns in their collars and yanking them around. On Purpose!! None of them have horn and were more concerned about babies to fight him much and he was getting to crazy with no one putting him in his place for example his Momma the Herd Queen! He was just running around the barn with Sasha the Unpregnant goat causing havoc... Then he would come up and be like Why don't you want to pet me?? So I got an extra panel and he is now in confinement or time out as we are calling it!lol . He is in the barn but cant butt at anyone or use his horns for bad. I have a friend who may take him for a pet. Of course if the weather would ever clear up and we could finish the fence he would have room to breath and run and not be so confined...
 I promise I havent forgotten about the 3 boys! Moses, Jake and Bruce! They are growing. I have taken pics but havent had a chance to do anything with them yet.. They are feelign a little ignored and are complaining LOUDLY!! Haha..
 If you want to see our 4H goat project field trip click on the link Granny's Best  It was a lot of fun and I appreciate Brenda letting all of us visit and make the yummy Mozarella! It was a lot of fun and educational!
 Have a good night!


tree ocean said...

Amazing all that waiting and then it is over so quickly!

Horns and collars don't mix.

Daph almost got strangled that way. breakaway ones are ok and you might need some colors to sort those babies out! LOL

Well of course with the help of your girls you won't need collars. I call Willow my portable memory chip cos she can remember all those little details.

WeldrBrat said...

Girlie, have you taken that deep breath, yet? LOL

Hope you keep taking lots of pics as they grow. They are all so adorable! Let's hope you get lucky with most of 'em keeping an adorable disposition to go with all the good looks!

Enjoying your posts - a LOT! Thanks for sharing!

Brenda said...

I'll bet you've breathed a deep sigh of relief now that all of the does have kidded! I remember doing that last year when we were finished kidding around here. I hadn't realized how tense and stressed I was about making sure each doe had safely delivered. Kidding season is like being on the "Front Lines" and when it's finished it's like going on "R&R"! With my first fresheners getting ready to kid .... it'll be a while before I get to take that deep breath and say "Kidding Season is finished this year!"

The 4H group was wonderful on Saturday! I had as much fun as the kids did! Any of the parents that want to copy the photos from this post on my Granny's Best blog has my permission.

small farm girl said...

Hopefully you have time to relax a bit now. You have a bunch of babies to take care of. It must be hard not to be playing with them all the time.

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia I am getting caught up on you there at The Simple Life. Some sadness but lots of healthy baby goats and with your knowledge and help I am sure they will all grow like little weeds!


Kelle said...

This must be the year of the male or something. Our friend who has sheep has twice as many males as female lambs this Spring. She's not to happy either, because she's trying to build her herd back after selling off some older ewes. Also lots of twins this Spring, I think she has 13 sets, typically she says about 8 are normal.

Glad you're done and didn't have to many losses. Enjoy those babies! We're waiting on chicks this week( ordered for meat birds)and we have hens going broody already*wink*

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Oh! They are so cute!!!

Goodwife said...

In the pile o kids picture, that baby that's laying right in the front. I love that color! That is one neat and nice looking baby! Glad kidding is over for you! I've got a wether that's got horns. He lives with my buck Luke, and he IS destined for the freezer. I don't like those horns. Even though he doesn't use them (yet) he likes to rub his head on me and that doesn't feel good with horns! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the goat kids!


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Congrats on all those babies!!! :)

Texan said...

Congrats on all your kids!! They were all big compared to kids we have here :O)... you really had a small herd born in the last week or so :O)

Anonymous said...

that new guy is a BIG one!
glad it went off uneventful...maybe now you all can get a little rest :)
i luv the pic of "heads or tails"!

Feral Female said...

Bet you`re ready for a long sit down with a hot cup of coffee! Congrats on the kids, they all look great!

Nezzy said...

Awwww, how sweet they are! You really have a great bunch of kids there! Now I bet you could really use a breather!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!!!