Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hoof Trimming And Action Photos!!

Last Saturday I went and helped Brenda trim some of her girls hoofs.
Hoof trimming is one of those things that can get away from you really quick.
You put it off till next week and then something happens that week...
And well before you know it they are to long..
Especially in the winter!
They are on soft bedding more and it does Nothing to slow it down!
 Brenda took some pics while I was trimming Cailin's front hoof.
You can see what it looked like on the one side not trimmed.
 A little folded over but not real bad.

I usually trim from back to front depending.
Its easier to get under the edge of the hoof wall that way.
 I like to use the Hoof pick with the brush on the other side. 
The bristles are harder and can really get the crude out.
 Lucy was helping! 

I use the hairline as a guide to trim by.
But you have to be careful that you don't get into the quick if they are overgrown.
 I wear the blue nitrile gloves because they are pretty tough
and have saved me from serious cuts several times.
They also allow me to feel things out better then if I was wearing leather/work gloves.

Sometimes after trimming you may have some bumps that you cant clip..
 I use a wood rasp/file to file it down and smooth it off.

Then you are done....
If I have to really dig in like something packed in their hoof I use a vinegar/lavender spray
If I bring blood, I cry , They cry and then I put a wound spray usually iodine on it..
 In the summer I can go longer between trims because its drier out and mine have rocks to climb and paw at.
That makes a big difference. I would like to line the entrance to my barn with rock(got plenty) so they have to walk over them all the time. But rocks are heavy and I haven't got that far yet!lol

Here is a pic from this morning.. Those girls can still walk... sort of..
They don't get in a hurry!

After morning bottle for Moses..
Tink says Cant Beat'em Join'em
Until they start stepping on her...

Jacob the chair champion Again!!
 Bruce went Splat! lol

Moses begging....
He walks on his back legs all the time!

Jacob jumping out of the chair...

Bruce jumping out of the chair! He thinks he is sooo Big!
 Okay that's all the pics! I got 2 more goats done this morning.. April the big brown one in the pic was first and she did NOT appreciate her manicure!! But they are all doing so well. Hope hadn't started building an udder but this morning I noticed she had!! She has been showing a belly but no udder so I thought she maybe later.... But with the look of things it may all be in ONE week... Been there and done that.. 


Anonymous said...

I still feign "i dunno how" and let TrapperDude trimt he hooves.....somebody has to hold the rope to keep them in one place!
that ol' recliner is sure gettin' a workout!!

Nezzy said...

Since we have cattle and donkeys I was more interested in the whole lap goat chair Olympics! Heeeheehe. Great pictures and now I know if I ever trim a goats hoofs.

God bless and have a beautiful day!!!

Gail said...

I hope I don't have to but now maybe I will know how and where to start.

I love the goat antics.

Aimee said...

Those hooves look good! I am behind schedule again. A rasp is a good idea! I think I'll try it. I have big piles of broken concrete for my goats to climb, but only the lids climb, my big old mamas don't even try.

matty said...

I don't mind trimming hooves, but I have one doe who kicks the stuffing out of me when I pick up one foot. No matter how much I slip into her rump, she can do it!

Your gals looks like they are ready to pop! What phase is the moon? Mine usually come on the full... Good luck! I think you are in for a few long nights! :)

small farm girl said...

Thanks for the pics about hoof trimming. I never knew how you did it. I think Moses thinks he human. That's why he walks on his back legs all the time. lol

Brenda said...

I agree with Small Farm Girl ... Moses must think he's a person! The boys look like they're having a lot of fun!

Tonia - Thank you so much for coming over on Saturday and helping with the trimming around here! We got 11 does done with both of us working on them. It sure made it easier ... and a lot more fun ... to work together on it!

tree ocean said...

You are going to have a million babies this year by the looks of things! Wow!!!

Those gloves are a good idea I usually go barehanded and this time of year it is so GROSS so I put it off too long...

~Tonia said...

Tree- I am not one for gettingm y hands in Gross stuff!!Lol I keep the gloves around for things like this. Works Well!!
Brenda- You are very welcome!! Jobs like these always go easier when you have help!
SFG-Yep I think Moses is part person!!lol
Matty- I have a couple that kick like that. Usually I would put them on the milk stand but I dont have one right now. I have one that kicks the snot out of me!
I hope they keep the babies in there for at least another week or so despite the moon!
Aimee- It made the world of difference when finishing them off!
Nezzy and Gail- the Goats in the house have been Quite entertaining!Lol I dont get Human baby fever anymore!!Haha!
Tina- Lol you sound like one of my friends!! She is a chicken and afraid she will hurt her goats. She doesnt give shots either! Her husband does the shots and I trim the hooves.. But she wants to get the stuff and have me show her Husband how! Its really not that hard once you do it a few times!

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Looks interesting. I would like to learn first hand how to trim hoofs, too.

Those soon-to-be mamas sure are getting big!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh my, a whole new ballgame to me. I've only been in on trimming donkey hooves :) I love your pictures and your houseguests! They are just adorable. -Tammy

TJ said...

The rasp is a /wonderful/ idea! We've got to trim this weekend, too. I think I'll search through hubby's old tool box to see if he has an old rasp I can use.

Thanks for the pics!