Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day Out & Random Things...

Moses is now 2 weeks old and getting big!
 He thinks he is all that too!!Lol

Here he is watching Masterpiece Theater
With Candice last night!LOL

 We have a beggar in our house..
Her name is Tink!
Anyone in the kitchen or if we are eating anything.
She will give the full benefit of her big ole dark eyes.

My new shelf Kyle built today!!
Took him about 2 hours.
It will hold all my milk jars, Animals meds,
My dried herbs and essential oils. Plus some other stuff.
I will need to organize it a little better though.

Kyla and Kara at Bass Pro Saturday.
If there is a creek anywhere close by
they will find it!lol

 Kara and her new Camera.
Bass Pro also has a Starbucks so its our family "tradition"
To walk around and look and Drink Starbucks!!

Kyle and Candice Dreaming!! LOL

If you have never been to Bass Pro in Springfield, Mo
Its well worth it!They have huge aquariums and a museum
 Inside the store itself. Here is one of the tanks.
We don't shop there unless we happen to find good sales...
 Really good sales, But they don't charge you to look!
Its a real duck and a Real fish underneath!
Thought it was a funny pic I snapped at the right time!

Turtle Acrobats???

 Okay the snake isn't real.. But it sure looks it...

We always have to visit the Big pet store too..
 Don't you want to stick a sweater or something On this poor naked rat??

 We are homebodies... So when we go somewhere its usually not to far but we like to make it fun.. We took the girls out to eat. Its not cheap anymore like when they were 2!!! Lol but once in a while is good.. It was a long day but alot of fun for all 5 of us.. We get off this hill occasionally!
 Its snowed all day here but it wasn't sticking much, the ground was to wet. Its muddy and cold.. I am so ready for spring.. I could really use a good dose of sunshine!!
 Okay I wont rattle on to much since I overloaded with pics!!  Have a Good Night all!


small farm girl said...

I've only been to BPS once. I was really neat. You guys looked like you had a good time. The picture with the duck looks like the fish is about ready to eat the duck. It happens. lol

Try to stay warm and dry out there. I too, am getting tired of this winter stuff.

Hidden Brook Farm said...

Have never taken the time to stop in there--it does look like a fun place to snoop around!

Debbie said...

I have never been to Bass Pro but Wendell talks about going all the time. One day... :)

Moses is sure growing fast. He isn't gonna want to go outside when he gets bigger. lol

Brenda said...

The new shelves look really nice! Only 2 hours to make? Kyle is fast at making them. They'll be a great place to keep your goat stuff organized.

Moses is sure growing ... you know he's going to want to snuggle with the girls and watch movies when he's full grown! My big buck BW would try to climb into my lap and lay down if I was setting in the pen with he and the does that he spent the winter with last winter. They love the attention ... even when they get stinky!

It sure looks like you all had a great time at BassPro.

Anke said...

Moses sure lives the good life... :-)
We've never been to a bass pro shop, can you believe it? There is one in OK city that we drive by every time we visit family, but so far we've never stopped.

tree ocean said...

Moses is so cute! Great pix reminds me of LL Bean has an indoor pool like that. The fish does look big enough to eat that duck!

What a great shelf and the pizza looks yummy I would be begging too! LOL

Texan said...

We have been to that Bass Pro ... they built one in Grapevine Texas as well...its not as cool I don't think as the one in MO is...