Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Date, Goats And Ducks........

Kyle and I went on a date!! To Uncle Roosters!!
It was good and not expensive..
 I also got homemade cider! Sooo Good!
 We had more than enough food for a not to big of price.
A unique little place...

The girls and I LOVE junk/Antique stores!
 This Definitely fell into that category..
They had their own welcoming committee!!
 The darker ducks are Cayugas, such a pretty duck!

Way back in the woods you can see turkeys. 
A Lot of them!
There were some that weren't colored the same as the others..
Kyle couldn't remember what they were called and I haven't looked them up.

 And meet our newest little goat!
BRUCE! As in the Shark from Finding Nemo!
The girls were gone this weekend so he rode in the drivers
seat with me..
He is aggressive with his bottle like it may get away
and he will surely starve!!Lol
He is going to be wethered and
will Join Van in the cart training!

 Here is Jacob being cuddled.. He is a real cuddler!!

 I got to Visit with Brenda Saturday.
This is Jacob's mom Fawn caught in a funny moment!
 I think I got her name right correct me if I am wrong Brenda!!

And of Course last but Definitely NOT least is Moses!!
He has had his world turned up side down with
 not one BUT 2 new goats in his space!
 It was such Nice weather this weekend even if it did rain last night! It was up to around 50 Saturday!! It was Wonderful!! Then when the girls were filling the wood box earlier they heard peeper frogs!!! OH YEAH! That's what I am talking about! A sure sign spring is coming! Nothing better then hearing the peeper frogs singing! This is What a Peeper looks like!! He would probably fit on a quarter!
I got this picture about 3 years ago. Even with the flash he just sat there peeping away! It was sooo cool!!
 I am hoping to get some spring cleaning done this week. I am in the mood just need the energy now!lol I have some major organizing to do too. I have less than 2 weeks to first goaty due date! I am so excited! And also thinking How the heck Am I going to get everything DONE?!?!? I know one thing at a time!!
I hope everyone has a great week!!
 Oh wait one more thing I got a new book!! Pat Coleby's Natural Goat Care!! I am thinking it will be good to help me with my goaties....


Linda said...

Love the pictures! And your new kid... such cuties they all are!

You'll like Coleby's book, very interesting.

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia we have some turkey too! What is up with them? We had 22 in the yard today just scratching away in the rain!! You are a goat crazy woman Tonia and I love reading about your goat crazy stories!! There is no gettin' around it, Moses has the sweetest face :) AACCKKK! Now Bruce!!

Brenda said...

Tonia - You're right ... Jacob's moma's name is Fawn. This photo of her is hilarious! I really enjoyed our visit Saturday and the help with trimming the goat's hooves!

goatmilker said...

Oh that goat is so cute! Glad you and your husband had a good time out. It is so nice to be able to spend time alone. Have a good day Rebekah

Anke said...

How wonderful, you and hubby got to enjoy a date night! We don't have date night often, but really enjoy it when we do. The goat pictures are great, those little ones are just the cutest.

small farm girl said...

Nothing like a good night out. Are you going to be like the crazy cat lady with all of the goats in your house? lol. Just kidding. I love them!

~Tonia said...

That would be Me The CRAZY Goat Lady!!Lol I have made a name for myself with my goats!lol
Last Night Bruce was under my desk and stepped on my powerstrip and shut off power to my Computer!

tberry29 said...

New follower and just wanted to stop in and say hello!

mother plus teacher said...

Hello, I wanted to stop by and thank you for following me. I'm following you back. I have a love for antique stores also!

Nezzy said...

Woohoo! Date night at Uncle Roosters! I pass it all the time goin' to the city but have never stopped. I want to but just never seem to find the time. Any good???

God bless and have a glorious day!!!

~Tonia said...

Yep it was good and the sandwhiches were huge!.. Oh and Deep fried green beans YUM!! SO bad but so good!Lol
If you Pass it Nezzy You must not live far from me....

Texan said...

another new baby!!! cutey cutey...

Also... you know I asked about a kid getting pregnant really 7 month old to the day Harssy...kidded! I know, I checked my records over and over and she was 7 months old to the day... That little buck Rubix who was no more than a kid himself was the dad!! Lesson learned kids can get kids pregnant!! After a touch and go on her feeding it and caring for it ...she came around and is feeding it and being a really good mom...she is fine and the kid is to cute, a little girl! Her pic is on my blog... I never knew they could get pregnant that young and I sure never knew little bucks could bred another kid that young!

kestrel said...

What really nice names you have for the goats. I thought driving my dog in the car was getting funny looks from people, I would love to see you drive the cutie in the car over here. I think you will be the talk of town

Rurality said...

What cute little goaties! :)

hillybilly annie said...

I soooo love uncle rooster`s. I love their chicago dogs, I take the hot peppers off though.I love looking at antiques as well