Monday, February 1, 2010

The Current Superstar!!

Getting his morning exercise..
They didn't actually turn it on just pushed it with their hands.

But I thought this pic looked funny!!
 Like he really was running... So fast it was a blur!!
Hahaha Not really I moved the camera..

Moses has been "banished" to the basement...
 Here is the awful sleeping place...
The girls had a canopy all fixed.
 But it had to come down because
 I didn't want him to get tangled in it.
So it went to the outside of the cage.

He really likes the Crazy eyed cow!!

 He has also decided he likes to chew on hay!
Which is good!

 He is taking about 12 oz now 4 times a day. He has graduated to a bigger bottle already because the regular baby bottle was only a 9 oz. He is growing very well! He was left this afternoon while we were at church and when we got home he thought he had been deserted for good!Lol But it was made all better with a bottle..
 I am almost ready for the rest of the babies to arrive. I am have to get all the goats their dose of CD&T within the next week. I had thought about just giving them the Tetanus part because that is the main reason to give it. But I will just go ahead and give the full cdt vaccine.. I don't know what animals have been on this property and what might be in the dirt here.
 I have been ordering a lot of the stuff we needed online the last few days. I told Kyle and the girls we will come home one day and there will be a big pile of boxes and packages on the front porch!! Yeah Christmas in January... Well February now..
 Which also means it is my Mom and Dad's 35th wedding anniversary.... 35 years ago they were married in a double wedding with my uncle and his ex-wife.. They said my parents wouldn't last for long. My mom was 8 months pregnant with me at the time. She was 16 and my dad was 17.. BABIES!! I was born 27 days later... (miracle grow??lol) But they have made it and set a good example of a loving couple for their kids and grand kids.. They have had ups and downs like anyone else but have survived. I only hope I can set the same example for my girls.  I am so thankful for my parents not perfect but pretty darn close in my book!Lol
Okay I am trying to finish up online but I have to many things going and keep losing my place!! Lol So I will finish here...... 
Good night everyone!!


goatmilker said...

The animals in the cage is just to cute! Have a great day Rebekah.

tree ocean said...

I had a big dog kennel looked like that I used to house my first two kids at night in the house and then put them out daytime in a small shelter. We loved to hear their little hooves running in the house but they went straight into the kennel. I was embarrassed to admit I had goats in the house at night but now I wish I had let them up on the couch like you all. I had big dogs back then hogging up the couches

It was just too darn cold for babies when I bought them...and poor little guy you have all alone can't kick him should have got two! LOL *runs*

Feral Female said...

Looks like Moses has plenty of stuffed company in his bed! Very cute!

Anke said...

Moses and all the stuffed animal in the cage... looks like something my girls would do. Ok, not with goats, but with the dogs, guinea pigs... Too cute!
Happy Anniversary to your parents!

kestrel said...

Your girls are so kind letting him have their toys, I hope he does not get too attached to them

Kelle said...

Wow Moses is growing! Looks a little spoiled though, LOL!

Pass along our well wishes for your folk's very special day. Mike and I are not far behind them( I'm aging myself) in March it will be our 26th and we dated for 4 yrs., until I was graduated before we married, so we've been together for 30yrs. Time flies when you're having a blast*wink*

I know what you mean about multi tasking, we're finishing up our last 30lb batch of Breakfast Sausage this morning and then I have a refrigerator to clean,a garage that I can't stand any longer and am tired of asking Mike to clean it, so.... now he won't know where his tools are, why because they'll be put back where they are supposed to be, LOL *wink*

Blessing to you and yours this week,

Brenda said...

Tonia - The stuffed companions for Moses are SO cute. He looks all snuggled in with them. His exercise routine is unusual to say the least. He is getting SO spoiled!

Congratulations to your Mom and Dad. 35 years together is an accomplishment to be proud of!

Anonymous said...

LOL at the crazy eyed cow. All of the pictures are very cute and Moses is so lucky.

Congratulations to your parents 35th

Anonymous said...

Aw..he is so could tucker him out next Sunday by running him on the treadmill before church and he would be sleeping the whole time you were gone...he would wake up and never be the wiser!
Happiness to your is a rare thing these days to find anyone married that long...shoot, even five years nowadays is a long time....we'll have our 30 this I am almost old enough to be your mom????
Well, that's a hoot!!

Linda said...

Moses is very cute!

small farm girl said...

Moses is so cute! He is getting big to! He has more toys than some people I know. lol. Keep up the good work. He is looking wonderful.

Rural Rambler said...

Happy 35th to your Mom and Dad! Moses is one lucky little goat baby!!

Providence Acres - Sheryl said...

Looks like Moses is growing into a healthy and happy goat! He is so cute!

Hidden Brook Farm said...

He is just adorable! Love his bedtime company:)