Saturday, February 27, 2010


I had my 35th Birthday today...
SO what does a pic of the barn have to do with it???

Well for my birthday these 2 Really sweet guys cleaned it out for me!
Kyle and my Brother in law Keith spent most of the day hauling.
Goat poo and bedding out of the barn!!

Here is halfway done.....
Had to let the back down for ventilation!

Keith showing how deep it was!
Knee deep to him and he is Over 6ft

The goat girls in their nice clean barn a little while ago!
I had another pic before I let them in But shut the camera off to soon!
They can have their babies now!!lol

Here they are in the temporary pen today.
 I love the way they all lounge around.
Lots of humming since they were relaxed.

If I hadn't locked them up they would have been in the way!
BIG TIME! Lol!! 

 My sweet friend, Brenda gave me a bunch of jars the other day.
They aren't quite a gallon and she couldn't use them.
But I can!!
So what does denture cleaner have to do with that??
It helps get old jars clean sometimes!

My newest Craiglist deal!!
Its almost Brand New Barely used still has a warranty
Husqvarna push mower...
Or as I like to call it My NEW exercise machine!!!

 And of course a baby pic!
The girls were gone last night and
they were missed by the babies!
 I had an excellent birthday.. The barn is clean and My mother-in-law brought over supper and a cake! I got some things going for the garden like the stuff from the barn in place. Now I just have to start the plants...
I also got my celery and Aloe plant repotted!
 I had a couple nice phone calls and all sorts of sweet messages on Facebook! I feel loved and very blessed!
My family and friends are very important to me!
35 is not bad at all!lol I hope I can always look back and be satisfied with my life and how I live it. There are always ups and downs but that's part of it. I hope I am making the best of it.. God has been so good to me!
 I am done for the night.... Good night everyone!!


Linda said...

That is super the guys cleaned out the barn for you WhooHoo! I wish I could get so lucky!!!

35 huh? You are still so young...

Rural Rambler said...

Happy 35th Birthday Tonia! Glad you had a nice day!

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday, Tonia! I'm glad you had a very special day. A clean barn would be the BEST present anyone could give me too! Of course I think I have 3 times the "bedding" to clean out as you had. I'm sure you feel much better going into your kidding season with a clean barn.

The boys look so happy snuggled up with Candice.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm glad you had such a blessed day.

tree ocean said...

Happy birthday!!!

Seeing Keith in the barn really helps show how long it is! That is a nice roomy space!

I emptied one little house yesterday UCK!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tonia!
Whoa, That was totally cool that they cleaned out the goat barn for you.
I want to be your Facebook Friend.
Please find me, 'Barbara Lettelier Fitch', if you wish to be FB friends.

Jenny said...

I wish someone would volunteer to clean my barn! With the crazy weather around here, it's getting piled up. I'm looking at thirty-five in a couple months myself. Guess I'll survive it too!

Laura said...

Happy Belated Birthday, your still a youngster!! What a great birthday you had. Now bring on the kids!!

Anke said...

Happy Birthday Tonia, may all your Birthday wishes come true!

small farm girl said...

Happy Birthday Tonia!!!!A clean barn is a wonderful birthday present. My birthday is coming up in two weeks, maybe I should ask for a clean chicken coop. lol. Thanks for the idea!!!!!

Debbie said...

What sweet guys to do that for you! Happy Birthday Tonia! May you be blessed with many more! :)

Anonymous said...

SOOOOO SOOORRRRYYY I am a day late, but I baked you a's at the cottage when you come over :)

Mary said...

It is a fact, goats produce a greater amount of poo than any other livestock. It adds up fast.

Happy birthday!

Loved what you said about God being good to you.

hillybilly annie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 35 Tonia ,Glad you had a good day

tberry29 said...

Happy Birthday! Glad to hear you had a great B-day...: )

goatlady said...

Happy late Birthday from kjkfarm.

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!! :)

WeldrBrat said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you, Tonia!! I am so glad I found your blog! Keep doing the wonderful job you're doing with it - I am learning a LOT from you! Won't be long and I'll be needing all your wisdom and knowledge about goats. I love the way you shared the info pertaining to knowing how to tell when the baby is about to come around! Perfect!! Thanks a bunch!

Blossom said...

I like your barn :)
You have some cute goats,too :)