Monday, January 25, 2010

This Is Not The Weather I Ordered!!!

I think she was cold!!
She was keeping the eggs warm too!

Such cute little ears! lol
Since they are crosses their ears are a little bigger and flip back!

 I thought Mariah was pregnant..
She still looks it to me but...
She seems to have had a heat recently.
I am still hoping maybe but if not its okay!

 Kyle inspecting where it needs cleared out for fence.

 We woke up to SNOW this morning!! It was cold and windy! 18* windchill!! Yuck!! We went to check out just how much needs to be cleared out before we can put up the fence. Its not to bad. We decided since we have a cordless drill that we would use screws for the nail on insulators.. Much quicker for the fence going up!! I get a little impatient for things like this.. Because I cant do it all by myself and I have to wait for Kyle! Of course I have no time to it right now either!!
 We are going to go visit with Brenda tomorrow to see all the new babies!! Yeah!!  If you need  a Goat Baby fix CLICK HERE!!
 Have a good evening everyone!!


Brenda said...

Wow, Tonia ... Mariah is sure getting big and very pretty too! I'm looking forward to your visit :-)

Rural Rambler said...

You had snow? Nothing here. But it is cold and the wind is howling. I can't sleep, 3:30 am and the wind seems to be giving up a little. Hope the winter storm is just a little blip, no ice please!! I clicked on your link for Brenda and a tiny goatie fix. Fun and sweet but I would be a wreck!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Tonia, I like your new colors on your blog. My husband uses screws for every project. He has taught me that projects go faster and also easy to take apart if needed.

Feral Female said...

Isn`t it amazing what 24 hours can do with the weather? We went from 50 degrees and steady rain to 20 degrees and two inches of snow.

Where art thou spring?

tree ocean said...

It is still raining here this am. A lot of snow has melted! Now the goat pen looks awful! That's one thing about the snow keeps it clean looking! But I am sure we will have more snow in a couple days! Since it is snowing there!

That looks like a good place for your goats. Hope it goes well. Did you get a new charger?

Gail said...

Cold here but other than a few flakes and terrible winds yesterday, we have nothing.

Stay warm.

~Tonia said...

Fence Charger? I havent got a charger yet but I have one picked out!! I willpost about it when I get it.
Thanks Barbara! I thought maybe if I put more Spring like colors on my blog it may encourage spring some how!!Lol
Mariah is pretty and has a great personality!!
We didnt get much snow just dusting that blew away pretty quick.. But its still COLD!!!

Anonymous said...

okay..snow...and fencing.
I think I can handle the rain and mud okay now :)
I am trying to get a new picture today of Tinkerbell but she won't stay still long enough! She has grown by leaps and bounds :) Thanks for all your help!

Providence Acres - Sheryl Gallant said...

I usually just do everything myself too, as its hard to wait for help from hubby.

Love the goat pics!

Good luck with the fence building. I have some to do this spring too.