Saturday, January 9, 2010


Can we say BAD Hair day??
Static and needs a bath but to cold...

It keeps growing!!'
That is Kyle standing next to it. He is 6' tall!

Our driveway.. All down hill and slick..
Come on warm weather!!

Little Miss Rotten Sasha
She doesnt Dare get her hooves in that stuff!!

Well as little as possible..
She was being a ham today!!

My baby, Hope!!!

  It was nice out today... All of 13* and No wind!! They cancelled our windchill advisory early this morning. Made all the difference in the keeping the house warm..  I let the girls out for a little bit to run some energy off. There is a heat wave coming!! Its suppose to get up in the 40's by the middle of next week!! WoooHoo! Kyle may actually get to go to work! Lots of exclamation points there...Lol
 Kyle got to work on the water heater today... Dont that sound like fun?? The bottom heating element went out. But he got it all cleaned out and a new one put in. One of the bum deals of hard water is lime build up.. The water heater is only a year and half old and it hade about 2 gallons of lime in it.  Nice hot water now though....
 I know one thing I am going to look at is an easier way to deal with water for the animals next year.. I am thinking a big metal livestock tank with a heater to dip water out for everyone so its just running one heater not several... I am not sure yet.. everyone is fairly close together so that would minimize the walking up and down the hill with buckets and jugs of water...  Then the girls could use it in the summer to cool off in.....  Thats what winter is all about.. Plannin' , Freezin'.. and Thinkin'


small farm girl said...

I like the water tank idea. Expecially the part about using it to cool of in the summer. Sure beats a kiddy pool. lol

tree ocean said...

After this you will be running around in tee shirts when it hits 40's!!! My kids are such little mainers as soon as the ice starts to melt in the pond they say, "can we go swimming?" when my oldest was very little I caught him stripping to jump in with ice around the edges! BRR! Give me a hot tub!

Anke said...

Can you still call that an icicle? It's huge... Love the pics of your goats, very cute.

Gail said...

Great idea...dual purpose!

Feral Female said...

Great pics as usual!

Those tank heaters are wonderful according to those we know who have them.

We do have a water heater base for the chicken coop but nothing for the goats, so we do the lug 5 gallon buckets of warm water from the house 2 X a day here as well.

Stay warm!

Brenda said...

Wow - the ice tower is huge!

The large heated water tank is a good idea. If I didn't already have heated water in the cheese processing room - which is not far from the barn stalls - I might take this idea for next winter too. I may try putting a heater in one of their existing tanks to see if they'd leave it alone.

Sasha is too funny! No wonder you call her rotten.

Stay warm -- I think the extreme cold weather is over for now! And, life can get back to normal.

Providence Acres - Sheryl Gallant said...

Love the goat pictures!

You do need heated waterers or one big one for everyone. We are suppose to get slightly warmer weather next week too! Yippee!

Anything above freezing is "warm" here now.

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia it's still 27 here, can you believe it? I think we are out of that lousy cold weather system!! 34 tomorrow. 44 Wednesday! WooHoo!!!!! Did you feel it today?!