Friday, January 22, 2010

Climbing Rabbit and Update

One Crazy Rabbit!!!

Rabbits Do NOT climb like this!!
We found him on top of the cage that morning!
This was with in 5 minutes of putting him back.
Needless to say he is in Solitary confinement!

So Now Bianca and the little girl baby is in the big pen together
and seem to be very compatible companions!
 This was my Oh no To many Rabbits Emergency cage!!
It is working out well though.

They like their oatmeal boxes to play in!

 Ladies in Waiting!
Dottie and Ethel Waiting on us to get done in the barn

We got about 25 wheel barrow loads out of the front of the barn!
I didnt realize it was piling up so fast.
Of course it is winter and it helps keep them warm.
But I dont want it to get so bad it takes us a month to clean it out!
 We have been doing alittle each day.
Then I will lime it good and put down shavings for the first layer.
 The goats will graciously put down the 2nd layer of wasted hay for me!Lol

 Here is one of the kittens. They are about 6-7 months old now.
The gray calico disappeared after I heard her in the ceiling.
 She wouldnt stay out.
I am afraid the big tom cat that prowls around may have hurt her.
 I just hope she is Not still in our ceiling or walls!
 But 2 Socks(pictured) and DC the other little female look good. 
 They will be visiting the vet here in a few weeks.
They have also been living with the chickens!

 We have enjoyed some Beautiful weather lately. Up in the 60's and when we were out working got down to a T-shirt No coat!! Or 15 other layers of clothes!! Lol It was good to take a break from the PC too. At least the weather was good! It did rain alot yesterday though and more rain called for tomorrow. So even though Kyle has been working the rain gave him a break yesterday. The over time was good to have on the 1st regular pay check too! Kyle is surviving so far...
 I have our first Goat Project meeting a week from tomorrow I am excited and Nervous! I hope I can hold the younger kids attention and still make it interesting for the older kids! I have 12 kids ages 9-16! ! We will see!
 Two of my little stinker goats snuck heats past me for 2 months at least!! Sasha and Abby 2 of the youngers are Not pregnant!! I thought they were getting bellies but now I think it was more of a hay belly from trying to keep warm. They showed a full heat this week! So I will only have 6 girls kidding. But that's okay. I am glad Abby isn't bred she could use some more growing time.. Sasha on the other hand I was hoping babies would calm her down!! She is tooooo Bossy!lol I do believe if April and Sunshine weren't so well established on their thrones as Co-herd queens Sasha would challenge them!!Lol She is Definitely full of Sas! She is a sweetie though! She keeps Van the wether occupied so he isn't pestering the pregnant girls.He likes to play and they well... Don't! Lol They are too pregnant and to wide to move fast let alone really move much at all!lol
 We also have about $700 worth of fencing coming our way in the next few weeks! Yeah! I know nothing real exciting except it will get my Perimeter fence up and my buck pen finished!! Then I can work on the Rotational grazing I am going to set up in this pasture.It will help my pasture go farther. It will only be divided into 3 parts right now with 10 days on each one. It will likely keep up through August with the amount of goats I will have. Then I will lock them away completely for the month of September to allow more pasture resting time and breeding will start. Then in October they will be back out on it till November sometime. By then all the pasture will be pretty much gone. Unless I get Winter wheat, peas and rye going this year. We will see!! I am just anxious to get serious fencing up.....
 I am off for the day. Going to go help My friend, Brenda set up the last of her kidding pens as soon as the girls get done with their school work for the day..... Really an excuse to cuddle her new goat babies!! Yeah
 Have a good day everyone!!


Anonymous said...

That climbing bunnie is strange. I did not know they would do that. It was weird to see it hanging on the side of the cage like that. I am always giving my bunnies things to play with and never thought of the oatmeal containers. Thanks for sharing.

Brenda said...

Great update, Tonya. You have been very busy! The bunnies are funny and really cute. I'm am looking forward to you and the girls coming over to play with the new babies as well as help me get the last of the kidding pens ready for the does. Right now I have 6 pens full of either new mothers and babies or mothers that are due to deliver any time. Having the rest of the pens available will be great!

tree ocean said...

glad you are back! we have over two feet of snow on the ground and I just decided to let the bedding build up since the snow is higher than the bedding!

funny wabbit!

yeah Kyle OT and fencing! Just you figured out where to spend that refund! LOL

Have a great weekend!

small farm girl said...

Tonia, we had a rabbit that would climb anything. We called him Hudinni(sp). He would get out of anything we put him in.

Glad to hear about the fence. It will help you out on your pasture.
Good luck.

Nezzy said...

How very interesting. It would be fun to set up a camera and see how little bun' is climbing. News to me that they can climb. Heeeeheehed!

Ya'll have a super~great weekend!!!

Feral Female said...

Great update Tonia, and what a funny little climbing bunny! Maybe he thinks he`s part monkey?=)

Deborah said...

Tonia, great idea with the rotational grazing. You will have to share the details once you get it all set up. Maybe others, myself included could attempt something similiar for our goats too. Give Brenda's babies a hug for me. Still waiting for mine to arrive.

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

That's one crazy Dwarf Hoto! I prefer the Holland Lops myself.

~Tonia said...

Lol Actually He isnt a full Hotot. He is a Holland Lop/Dwarf Hotot cross!! Our Hotot do NOT act crazy at all! His Momma is a Holland lop and a sweet thing. His daddy is a Dwarf Hotot and my girls carry him around like a baby.. SO I dont know where this came from!!

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

HA HA! That's rabbits for you! We had the sweetest parents and some of the meanest offspring. You never can tell with rabbits.
Who did you buy your Holland's from? My daughter and I were in the ARBA and HLRSC. We showed all over and I really miss it a lot. But my husband is retiring come March 31st. We can't afford for me to show all over the midwest like I used to do. Oh and yes, feel free to copy my pet thingy! I copied it as well.

~Tonia said...

One of them came from the guy that is over the 4H rabbit project for our county and the other was one my mom came across several years ago and got my youngest girl started in rabbits!

Kritter Keeper said...

cute and funny bunny! a little monkey! i hope mama kitty returns healthy...anyway to trap him and 'fix' him? i did that with my daddy cat and he is tame as a baby now. cute goats!!

~Tonia said...

I have only seen the big tom cat once or twice. Momma cat has been gone for about 3 months now. I had wormed her and everything and she never gained weight.. Its like she left her kids for us and then disappeared.