Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Joys Of A Baby!!

Moses has found a new spot to be....
But it does have its hazards.
It is under my desk!

Nice peaceful spot apparently!
 Playing with the girls yesterday..
Baby goats like to hear their hooves make noise.
So they laid out the lids to their school work tubs out for him..
 He promptly peed on them!!Lol
He is begging to be put in the recliner..
He has since learned how to get up there...

 Mission accomplished!!
 Its been fun having a baby in the house!! But I got the lumber to make my baby pen for the basement! Moses has already learned how to get out of his sleeping box.. Green tub by the recliner in the pic! Didn't take him long!lol
 He is eating well! Thanks to Brenda I have goats milk to give him since none of my girls are freshened yet and I didn't have extra milk to freeze last year.. I was getting a little worried because he hadn't pooed yet.. With the stress of a new place I was a little worried but not much his belly wasn't tight and you could hear activity in there. So he was digesting.. Just hadn't had enough to poo yet.. But he did today. I gave him a 1/2 teaspoon of Olive oil last night to encourage it along!! So its all good! 
 He still isn't taking the bottle with out assistance. We have decided girls take to the bottle easier!! Boy s are just babies!Lol He is taking it fine but I still have to put it in his mouth. He hasn't figured out that "Hey That's FOOD!"
 We are suppose to get anywhere from 4 to 10 inches of snow in the next 24 hours!! I am sooo not looking forward to it! I had plans this weekend. My 4H goat project meeting was this Saturday.. I told them if the roads are clear then we would have it. I will get off this hill By Golly!! Its after there has been traffic up and down the drive that it gets slick.. I don't like to drive in it when its late out but the meeting is in the middle of the day so I am good with it.. Same with church Sunday. We have 5th Sunday service at 2pm so we can go to that too!!
 I am ready for Spring!!! Except then its rain and mud.... Geezz I just cant be pleased!Lol Just kidding.. I really do like spring best even with the rain and the mud!! The green grass, flowers, baby animals, planting and Milking...... Ahh yeah come on spring!!!


small farm girl said...

Moses is as cute as ever! He is almost like haveing a dog in the house. We are suppose to get snow too, but not that much.

Brenda said...

You know ... he's going to cry when you move him to his new house in the basement !!

tree ocean said...

hey if you flipped that lid over and lined it with papers that would be the best place for him to

Debbie said...

Moses is a cutie! Our weather guy said we would have anywhere between a dusting and a foot of snow here. It was suppose to start after midnight but its almost 6 am and I don't see any snow at all.


Anonymous said...

Moses is so cute. That is funny him trying to get in the recliner. I enjoy keeping up with his progress.

Feral Female said...

He sure had made himself at home! Adorable shots, thanks for sharing!

goatmilker said...

He is so cute glad he is doing well. I went to the barn this morning and had a new little one. From a goat I did not expect was ready surprise! It was a little doe so glad it was o.k. Baby goats are just so fun. Have a great day Rebekah.

Anke said...

He is too cute! Maybe you need to google "goat" diaper... :-) Hope you don't get too much snow and are able to do some of the things you had planned.

TJ said...

Moses is CUTE!

We're raising a ewe lamb in the house right now. I haven't made enough diapers for her yet, but I'm working on it!

It is such fun to have her running around with the dogs!

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia you need to write a book! "A Goat in the House". I love reading about Moses :)