Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Its A BOY!!

Meet Moses!!

 He has light tan spots and black markings.

He was born Sunday.

 Napping in his temporary box...

Girls thinking this should be his Permanent Napping Spot!

Back in his box next to me!!

  Moses is a full blooded Nubian buckling. He came from my friend Brenda over at Granny's Best.
 we have a trade in progress going on With bucklings. I am hoping now that April My goat follows through with her side of the bargain! Lol I need 2 girls and a boy out of her! Haha!! Not counting my chickens before they hatch!!
 We went and helped Brenda get the first batch of babies moved to the nursery pens. The girls were so excited to get to see all the babies.... Okay I was too!!Lol  So then we brought home little Moses. I originally had Brenda's spotted Nubian Liz picked out to get a buck out of. but she isn't due till sometime in February. She offered Moses to me and said if Liz had one I liked better I could trade. But It would have to be one Outstanding boy! I like this one Alot!! Lol He is out of Liz's Sister, Valery. His sire Latte is just such a Nice  buck. I have liked him from the first time I saw him.  I think I will just keep Moses...
 They are calling for a little ice and snow this week!! Yuck!! I just hope it doesn't interfere with Saturday and the 4H goat meeting!!
 Good night everyone!!


Rural Rambler said...

Holy Smokes Tonia Moses is so cute! That picture on the couch is priceless....AWWWWW :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Tonia, he is absolutely precious. I'm just now reading about a chicken diaper too (lol), so how about a goat diaper? Then he could stay in the house? Just a thought ;-) Your kids would love it. We had a pair of little goats in the house for just a few hours several years ago... plenty of excitement for sure! We're not supposed to get much in the way of snow/ice 'up here' - hoping you won't be bombarded either! -Tammy

Brenda said...

Tonia - Do you think there's any chance that Moses might get just a little spoiled!!? ;D

He already had that "show goat" stance. I'm glad you picked him ... he is a good looking boy!

I remember when I brought Latte home last year when he was 3 days old. I think I spoiled him just as bad. When I called his name "Latte" he would answer me back "Maaaw". He is still the most vocal goat I've ever had. I hope Moses turns out as great as his sire!

Thank you and the girls for all your help today. I'm sure glad you enjoyed the babies!

Aimee said...

TOTALLY adorable! Poor me, no babies for MONTHS yet. Good luck with him!

Feral Female said...

I had to laugh at the picture on the couch! I`ve had kids standing on my daughters bed before. =)

He is a beauty!

Anonymous said...

OH! He's so stinkin' cute!!!
Tinkerbelle must have some Nubian in her as her ears are just like Moses!
He looks so comfy on the couch..."please mom, can't I stay inside and be adorable..just till I get old enough to do all those smelly things buckys do?"
I just adore the little ones...Tink has out grown her box..I will try to get a picture of her today..she won't give it up...like a 'kid' with a blankie!

~Tonia said...

Tina- some Boers have longer ears like Nubians. But it is possible that she could have. Alot of Boer breeders have a Nubian or 2 for extra milk. Nubians are an original dual purpose goat.
Thank you everyone we are really happy with him!
He will be in the house for a while. he will get a bigger "playpen" in the basement this weekend along with his own heat lamp! lol
But he is so young and to get him started on the bottle good he is upstairs for now..
Thank You Brenda!!!

Anke said...

He is adorable! And the picture of him on the couch, priceless.

Anonymous said...

Moses is precious and very handsome. The picture on the couch with the girls is priceless.

goatmilker said...

Oh he is so cute. I just love baby goats. Have a great day Rebekah

Gail said...

What a handsome boy! Never thought I would say that about a goat, but he is wonderful.

OurCrazyFarm said...

What a handsome little fella~ I'd keep him too;))

Anonymous said...

Love the goat pics! Glad to know I'm not the only one who lets the goats inside of the house.

Mary said...

Oh, what a looker!

He definitely looks like a buck with wonder dairy characteristics.

He should throw off some pretty spots!

hillybilly annie said...

he is so adorable,I so want a goat kid