Friday, January 1, 2010

An Eventful Year This 2009.......

  I was looking over my blog entries from this last year.. It has been one crazy year.. Lots of things happened good and bad. God's blessings have been very apparent this year.

 We Started out 2009 in a stressful situation that just got worse over the next few months. We decided to move and on May 31st a house practically fell into our laps!

 It is a perfect place for us. In the mean time My Mother in law was diagnosed with cancer and I was scheduled for surgery too.. The girls had goat shows in the mean time and we were moving 35 miles away... The month of July was spent settling in and enjoying our new front porch..  August was the month of my surgery. Boy that took the wind out of my sails for a while. Lol. We are recovered from that for the most part. My mother in law was able to get her cancer taken care of with extensive surgery. God had blessed us and kept us through it all.

 Then came October!!! Kyle was laid off for what was supposed to be 3 weeks At the most.. Its now been 3 months But hope is on the horizon!.. Things got tight and stressful. But time and again things have worked out. We have had to swallow our pride a few times but we are hanging on like that tree in the There was so many little thing good and not so good that have happened through the year. It makes me glad 2009 is over and better as a memory!
 I made some new friends this year that have become very good friends. I have met several through my blogging attempts and enjoy visiting all the different blogs and hearing about other's adventures in this life.
My goaty friends are near and dear to me. I enjoy every time I get to visit or email them!

This has been the best year yet with my girls homeschooling. I think we finally found our groove!Lol I am so very proud of my girls. They are so individual and unique. I love watching them learn how to live and figure things out.

 Financially and farm wise we have a good plan. I am looking forward to 2010 with great expectancy. 2009 brought back into focus what is really important in our life.  That is God and Family. Its so easy for other things to push in and take to much time...
 I am looking forward to sharing the next year here with all my blogging friends and readers.  So to close out this blog post and get started on the new year.

 Here is a picture from last night. This is not my goat. My friend got her a week or so ago. She is a Boer/Nigerian Dwarf Cross!! She is 4 months old and about the size of a newborn full size goat.  She is tiny! She didn't get her to breed just for a pet. Obviously!lol She was enjoying our fire last night. We put a pull up on her so we didn't have to worry about cleaning up goat berries and pee puddles! She is still a little scrawny as the place they got her from was less than Ideal.... A lot less! But she does have some spunk!lol She is currently being treated for Pneumonia though. They got meds into her soon enough I am sure she will be fine. She is being plenty spoiled. But she is looking for a little friend to go with her. Possibly a Nigerian dwarf doe. She has Nubians too. Goats are an addiction!
 Okay so this is the end of my first post for 2010... I hope everyone enjoys their day.


Gail said...

You have been truly blessed.

If all the times were good, we would grumble about those.

I enjoy your posts. Your family and your animal family are a delight to read about.

I will stay tuned for the wonderful stories to come in 2010.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad we have become goatie friends! You have been a great help and encourgaement to me and I think you for that. I'll be praying that 2010 is a blessed, safe and healthy year for you and the farm!
Diapers on the goat AND a sweater...lounging by the fire...a 'housegoat'!!

tree ocean said...

Happy New Year! You have had a year of major changes! God is surely watching over you! Glad you are over your surgery and your MIL is better too! I hope you have a beautiful year!

tree ocean said...

thanks for the reminder to check for a reply on my comment I left! The bugs were in the feathers so I imagine the eggs are throughout as well. ....any further thoughts?

Anonymous said...

what kind of wood stove is that the goat is enjoying? I'm in the market for one, and trying to see a few different kinds. thanks!

Rural Rambler said...

Happy New Year Tonia to you and your family! I am looking forward to more pictures from the front porch, more goat stories and your 2010 blog entries. May you have a happy, healthy and successful New Year!

~Tonia said...

Our wood stove is an Englander brand. It has tubes in the top that reburn the smoke. It barely puts out any smoke. It doesnt have to have a damper either in the stove pipe. There are a couple of different versions and options. Its very efficient and heats well. We burn about a 3rd of the wood we did with a circulator. Also can be used to cook if needed. Found that out in the ice storm 2 years ago. But that was one of my requirements when we were looking at a new one. We paid about $1000 for everything. It has been worth EVERY Penny!
It also weighs about 400lbs....

Brenda said...

It surely has been an interesting year with many challenges for you and your family. I believe you all have come closer together through it all.

I've enjoyed our growing friendship this year and look forward to many more years of friendship!

You and your blog are truly enjoyable. May the Lord continue blessing you and your family!

*** I love the photo of the goat by the fire! ***

Feral Female said...

I`m so glad to have found you and your blog and look forward to reading your entries! Life sometimes does like to give us a boot in the rear but without those boots maybe we`d forget to appreciate the simple things?

Also had to add I love to see goats in other folks houses! Makes me feel better when I have kids racing over my sofa to know others have caprines inside too! =)

Anonymous said...

Does your Englander use a catalytic combustor? If so do you like that? I've read a little about the combustor needing regular maintenance or cleaning. Maybe you could blog about your stove sometime : ) Thanks for the other reply!

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Sometimes God has to get our attention to remind us what's really important in life. Hope your New Year is filled with wondrous blessings.

~Tonia said...

Our wood stove does not have a catalytic combuster. I dont remember what they are called but its basically a set of tubes in the top of the fire box that reburns the particles in the smoke. It burns much cleaner. It doesnt require the maintenance a Catalytic combuster does. We only have to remove them once a year to clean them.
I may blog about it sometime. I thought I had but my search didnt bring up anything.

Anke said...

Wishing you and your family a very happy new year. May the new year be everything you want it to be and may all your hopes and dreams come true!

Kelle said...

Happy New Year Tonia and family!
I'm not a goaty friend, but hope to be considered a friend*wink*

We had a Englander wood stove in our other home, we loved it, other than the fact that it had a catalyst and cleaning the ceramic catalyst was always stressful,especially after our first time and it breaking*gulp* The catalyst stoves burn more efficiently but you can not use the ashes in your garden, something about the chemicals left behind is toxic.*sigh*

Sounds like the tubes in yours it would be termed as a non catalyst, with reburning tubes, better than the old version wood stoves in efficiency.

We too had some bad with all the good, but PTL it's heavier to the good side of the scale than the bad*wink*

BTW, even if my Dh doesn't like goats or sheep, I think they are cute, that picture is precious and is what life is all about on the homestead, LOL!