Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cuddling Kids and Sunset...

Kyla snuggling one of Brenda's babies born the other day.
 You can read about it on her blog. Just click on her name

This is Myrtle and one of the babies..
So cute.. Still Brenda's babies here.. not mine..

The sunset on our way to church this evening..
 I was headed down the highway
and took this out the van window...

Things have eased up here financially! Thank You God!  It was a rough 3 months.. But we survived!
 I can start putting some more plans into action. We went and helped Brenda get her kidding pens finished the other day. The girls got to go with me this time they were happy to go! They love going to her place!
 She had 4 babies that day. One was brand new so we left him alone but the other 3 were fair game. They were so adorable!! Last email I got from her though she had 5 does kid before noon and one in early labor.. So she has been busy!! I am sure she will have lots of pics and stories for us and will be posting soon.. If those goats let her!!
 Its been a busy weekend and I am beat!! So I will say Good Night Everyone!!


Anonymous said...

precious picture of Kyla holding the kid. I am very happy for you that things are looking up. Wishing you much more prosperity.

Feral Female said...

Great pic of the two kids! =)

tree ocean said...

aww I love goat babies! That's why I didn't breed this year....LOL.

Glad to hear you are on the rise! Now just send some of that mojo my way! I am missing two days of work this week! :(

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia great pictures and Kyla with the baby goat *sigh* my heart melts.

small farm girl said...

There is nothing like a baby goat!