Monday, January 11, 2010

A Night Of Hitting The WRONG Buttons!!

If you clicked on the updates and it showed just a few pics Sorry!!
 I hit publish when trying to upload pics!!

This is the pile I got out of Kyla and Kara's Closet!
Don't fit, Don't like or On last legs!
We don't spend much on clothes though
 despite what you may see in the pic!

My goaties out for some exercise!!

Licking the Bowl!

Frozen Pumpkin Treats...

 This is when my goats Always eat Pumpkins!
They go soft and then freeze and they tear into them..
That gives me Ideas for summer treats......

Had to nibble the grass in the middle of the snow!

Ethel and April in the background.
April is slowing down.
 She wasn't in the crowd going down the hill.
She watched from the top.

More of them eating the pumpkin..

My Sunshine the Herd queen....
She has Serious airplane ears!!lol

Her special part of the hay rack..

Eating the pumpkin..
She was first then everyone followed

 Sunshine was one of twins that were officially My first goats. My mom went to buy this Saanen Dairy goat named Happy to go with her Boer herd. They had a pair of Nubian twin doelings. When we came down to see the new goats I fell in love with them!! I promptly named them Sunshine and Tulip! They were bottle babies and my mom had a few more bottle babies. SO I was caring for the bottle babies for her. I had been getting ready for my own goats. Had a pen and house built. I was using it to raise her bottle babies. So she tells me I will give you one of them for your birthday!! I was like Okay I will take that.. She said since you cant have just one goat I will give you the other for raising my bottle babies! Woo Hoo I had 2 Nubian babies!! I was in goatie heaven!Lol They were special! The girls and I would sit out in the field with them in the grass taller than them...
 The First Freshening was eagerly awaited and Sunshine gave me one doeling who a friend of mine still has.. I was probably a paranoid goat mom but I thought she was refusing baby. So I started Bottle feeding Sassafras.. Tulip kidded with twin boys Broccoli and Cauliflower.. Broccoli was half the size of the Cauliflower. She was an okay mom but the little one was very weak.. I do believe now he had Floppy kid syndrome. We ended up putting him down Not knowing what else to do for him at the time.. Now I know Baking soda probably would have saved him!
  The next Kidding Tulip had twin doelings and again she had  uneven sized twins and she was not wanting to take care of them. She was also being mean to all the other goats.  I pulled babies and started bottle feeding.
She was also not producing well either..
 Sunshine had triplets that year!! I took one for bottle feeding and she raised the other 2. She had more than enough milk for all of them But it took a toll on her.
 She was my learning curve goat.. Sometimes I am surprised she is still alive!! She got down to bones in less than a week. It was due to parasites.. I didn't know to worm right after kidding. She got small enough that I could pick her up and she was very light. Everything she ate went right into the milk bucket. AS sick as she was she kept producing milk!! SO I wormed her and ended up having to give her electrolytes by syringe and it was touch and go for a while... She came out of it and was Still milking I didn't want her to get Mastitis and she wouldn't dry up..
 I wormed her good and then she started putting on weight again.. Started looking good. But she never got any real weight on her.. She has always been one step away from scrawny.. But hair was slick and shiny.. She produced well and she didn't have worms..
 In the mean time Tulip was becoming more and more obnoxious.. She was picking on the babies and butting the other goats.. I finally made the decision she had to find a new home. It like to broke my heart.. In the meantime I had added several new goats.. I had 7 mommas and 12 babies...
 This last year I switched to a different feed and I have been feeding my goats a red clover hay that smells Great. They love it!! But it is doing a world of good for Sunshine!!  I just hope he doesn't run out!!She will be 5 yrs old this February. I hope she lives a long time!!
 And this is the end of this extremely long Goaty post... Hey I tell everyone I start talking goats I am liable to not Shut up!!!


Kelle said...

Oh my! I hope that goat is PG,otherwise she needs to be on a serious diet*wink* When you expecting babies? Our calf isn't due until mid to end of April.

We are thinking about incubating some eggs for Easter Chicks, otherwise we'll order them.

Have a great day tomorrow!

~Tonia said...

March 6th is first possible 150 day due date!! I am so excited!!! We are going to be breeding rabbits for Easter this year!

tree ocean said...

great goat pix as always!

Feral Female said...

Always love to see the goats out and about. Mine seem to hibernate like bears and only leave the barn when forced to do so!

Brenda said...

It's good to see the girls out enjoying the warmer weather! I'm sure you all had a great time!

Nezzy said...

Ya'll weren't kiddin' when you said "serious airplane ears" the girl looks like the Flying Nun. Oops, I hope I didn't hurt her feelings. (for all you youngens' out there, the Flying Nun was an old Sally Field television show)

Have the best day and may God bless ya'll!!!