Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby Its COLD outside!!!

 I think we got more than the ONE inch predicted!!

 If it flurries Kyle feels the need to warm up the big truck!
 You never know!lol

How I face the Elements!
 A little scary but I am warm!

My goats and the line they wont cross! LOL

 Well the youngers came out for a few minutes to sniff the stuff..
Hey it might have been edible!!

Sasha in the background turning tail
and headed back inside...

Mariah and Abby are a little braver....
Abby also hides in most of the pics.
I think she is camera shy......

On the other side of those trees is the main road..
It was covered most of the day.

One massive Icicle!

 The Sun coming out this morning....

Our weather does Not look anywhere near warm for the next week. All in all we got about 3 inches yesterday. We have another snow storm headed this way for Wednesday and Thursday. With a possible amount of 7 inches of that white stuff!!! I am sooo not looking forward to it! The low Friday is -6!! MINUS!! Freezin here! I know you all in the frigid North are probably laughing at me!!
 On the plus side it will kill lots of Parasites that could be in the ground.......
 The girls are officially back to school today even though they tried to declare a snow day! Lol I told them as soon as they got their schoolwork done they could have a Snow Day! I know I am mean! But they will have plenty of time to enjoy it! You have to be careful out there though because the high is only 14*...  Even in the house we have long sleeves and socks on with normal clothes. Because its chilly. One of the few hangups with our wood stove is that the ashes have to be cleaned out of the fire box so the fire has to die down some. It has a small ash box but its easier to just use a bucket and scoop it out.. But right now its so full that we have to let it burn out some and remove the ashes. Then we can get it going full speed again!
 Stay WARM!!!


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

The goats are too cute checking out the white stuff!! :) I froze my behind off today at work. Imagine a school nurse wearing her coat with a blanket over her lap in the office...that was me! :) LOL And I even had on thermal underwear under my scrubs! It is just nasty cold and as you said, colder yet to come. The high for Friday here is supposed to be -1! The low -12! Thank God for woodstoves. And as much as I wish hubby was working, I am glad he is home so he can keep them going hot!

Brenda said...

The way you face the elements looks a lot like the way I do when I go out to do the chores out around the barn! It is cold out there! Stay warm!

Feral Female said...

Sounds like another week of the chill for your farm Tonia. We did warm up to 15 here today with some flurries.

Your goats are just like mine, they won`t step hoof to snow unless made too! =)

Anke said...

I'm so glad we don't get that much snow. Just getting a few inches shuts everything down here. Stay warm!!

tree ocean said...

You look so young in that pic! Like one of your daughters!

No, I am not laughing you can keep it. We are due for thirties all week and I am loving it. I said twice today, "give me two feet of snow and thirties and keep that nasty below zero stuff! Teens is COLD for you!

I can keep my house comfy in the twenties with the woodstove but below that it stays chilly. I know what you mean about the ashes-it won't throw good heat when full of ashes but who wants to let it die down to clean them out? And when it's full of coals and ashes it takes hours to burn down enough to empty. Then I usually clean it out and rake the coals and leave the door cracked and forget to refill it as I take the ashes outdoors...then it is nearly out when I remember! and it goes out faster but will throw more heat so you just rambling away about the glories of woodstoves!

stay warm and I hope you don't get a big snow this week!

Nezzy said...

I'm sayin'. I just came in and it took awhile before I could feel my fingers and this farm chick was layered to the max. Michelin Man, he's my twin!!!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

Gail said...

Any temperature that is includes a minus is entirely too cold for me. Eight tonight seems cold but I shall have to change my's not cold here.

small farm girl said...

I completely understand about it being COLD!I'm ready for it to warm up, at least a little.
I love the line the goats wouldn't cross. lol
Stay warm,

~Tonia said...

LOL Tree thats because you cant see the rest of my face!lol I have to say though even Kyle thought it was one of the girls!!!
I am going to hate to see our electric bill next month! Even with the wood heat we are having to run the electric furnance. It helps circulate the wood heat too. But it is so cold ...
They are saying Next Monday it will be 43*.... I say yeah I will believe it when I see it!

OurCrazyFarm said...

It's so nice to "meet" you! I have a feeling I have found a new friend! Love your blog! I may have to "borrow" some of your sayings:)) Cute! Cute!

Thanks for following OurCrazyFarm Nubians Delight; it was mostly set up to go with the label on our soap. If you are interested in more of our real life (farming, goats, homeschooling, God, kids) I write lots at

I look forward to reading about your goats, kids and adventures. Terri

~Tonia said...

Thanks Terri! My quotes are all borrowed too.
I will have to go see!