Sunday, January 3, 2010

And Winter Is Here For Sure......

Redbirds Cardinals!! Yesterday...

They kind of look like Ornaments.

We counted about 6-7 Pairs of redbirds, Cardinals, Bunches of little birds,
a woodpecker and a Blue Jay that keep trying his luck!

This is what we woke up to this morning!

Girls doing outside chores!!Lol
They had to play a little after taking care of the animals.

Road and Pond in front of the house...

Little fat tree...

Snowplow Flying by!

Kyle coming up our drive.....

Slow going but he made it.

I want to say THANK YOU to all the nice comments I had on my last entry! It made my day to read them all!
It is bitterly cold out there!! You can only be out so long before it starts to hurt. When the girls went out to do their chores this morning I was trying to make sure every bit of skin was covered With out Blinding them!
When I go to do evening chores you can believe I will have on all the layers I can get!!
The goat babies were the only ones who ventured out in the snow and then they ran Right back in!!
  We have both heat sources(electric and wood) running and its keeping the house comfortable.. Not real warm like it usually is. Our wood stove is rated for around 2200 sq ft. This house is a little bigger including the basement. It needs some insulating too. For the person asking about our wood stove here is the info on Our wood stove... Its the Englander 30-NCP. Its even rated for mobile homes with some of the additional  features.
 We are looking at below freezing temps All WEEK!! Yuck! The lows are in the single digits and highs in the 20's! We have chance for snow again Thursday. Its still snowing right now and we have 2 inches already and we were suppose to get up to Only an inch... Last time they said that we got more like 8 inches!Lol
 Okay I am going to get something done around here... Stay warm!
Edited to say Cardinals Not Redbirds all I can say is ... brainfreeze????


Gail said...

Stay warm everyone!

Brenda said...

I think the redbirds knew the snow was coming and were stocking up at your feeder! The snow is pretty and makes things seem more peaceful on the farm... even though it is very cold to go out into for doing the chores! I'm glad the goat girls are all snuggled into the barn.

small farm girl said...

Tonia, we have our woodburner going full blast too. It's still cool in here. We have the cold weather too. Brrrrr!

tree ocean said...

Oh I think we call those cardinals. So pretty!

I wish we had your weather-just had 20" of snow last night and last week at the farm Mr. Boss read the thermometer at 9F! No wonder my fingers were freezing! The shovel handles take the life right out of my hands through two pairs of gloves! It's a windy spot too. When it hit twentyF a few days later felt like a heat wave.

No, you don't really get used to it....

~Tonia said...

We will behaving temps like that this week.
Uh yeah we call them Cardinals... Lol I dont know why I put redbirds.. Brain freeze?!?

Feral Female said...

Our woodstove is cranking away here in PA as well. We had a grand temp. of 8 this morning when I hurried out to do chores and I didn`t want to hear what the wind chill was!

Keep warm!

R Dean said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Tonia!

So it REALLY does snow in Missouri huh? :-))

We have a couple feet on the ground in WI and it got up to about 14 degrees today with the wind chill in the negatives...

Good idea about covering up the kids in bitter cold...frostbite can set in within minutes on bare skin!!

We too have a wood burning stove, we haven't had to fill our gas tank for over a year and have only gone through about 4 cords of wood since last winter, they are very efficient!

R Dean

~Tonia said...

RDean- That is one of the reasons I live in Missouri... We have lots of variety in weather but not a lot of Extremes!! Like these temps wont hold on for long and snow is only here for a little while.. I couldnt live where we had one kind of weather for more than a month or 2!!!
When it gets cold like this I am putting layers on everyone walking out the door. I inspect them before they go out the door to make sure they are covered as much as possible.. It takes 20 minutes to get dressed to go out for 10 minutes!Lol