Friday, December 4, 2009

Totally Bunny.....

The oldest baby.. It runs in the box and Over the side!
They are zooming all over the cage

Dinner With mom!

Chewing on the insulation!lol

Naughty Bunny???

 They are nibbling on the food not quit eating it yet.

Hiding...There are strange flashes out there..

Mom is not bothered by the flashes from the camera..

These little bunnies are about 3-4 weeks away from new homes..  I love to see them running around the cage with mom at this size. What is really funny when they ease up next to mom and try to sneak a nursing in!! They will all of the sudden flip over on their back and slide under mom!! lol These are the last babies till February. We will be breeding them again in January for Easter babies. Goat babies will probably start arriving around the first of March. So this is the baby fix for us right now.
We leave early in the morning and will be going to watch the rabbit show. I am going to be checking out the little Lionhead rabbits.. I am thinking about getting some of those to raise. They are so cute.  Its a toss up between the Holland lops and the Lionheads. I had considered the Mini-rex too but I think I have changed my mind..
If the Lionheads are as easy to handle as the Dwarf Hotot I will most likely get them. They are small too. It will probably be this spring when I get the meat rabbits. Not only do we get to go to the rabbit show But we will be out of the house for the day!! WooHooo!! lol We have a little cabin fever setting in. Its not even January!
Have a good weekend everyone!


small farm girl said...

I love when you post pictures of your bunnies!

Anonymous said...

Soooo Cute! I love the pic with the bunny peeking over the nesting box.

Basil and Thumper, Two of the bunnies I adopted are Lionheads. I have found them easy to handle. Even Thumper, the little stinker, likes to be held.