Sunday, December 27, 2009

SO Blessed.......

Pretty dish I had admired at my MIL house.
She gave it to me for Christmas this year..

My new electric griddle!!
It doesn't take me forever now to fix pancakes or hash browns or sausage!
 We had to try it out today!
Its really nice and handy when you cook as much as I do..

Kyle reading the instructions!
This is what he got! Isn't it pretty?Lol
His old  cordless drill was on its last legs.
I see Many projects where this will come in handy...

 We had a lot of fun at the In-laws yesterday. I helped her put together this Huge Lasagna! It was good! There was enough for us all to eat and then we took home some and they had some for left overs. The girls got all kinds of stuff they had asked for. My MIL had been saving little jars for me. The little pretty jars that different things come in. I had mentioned it one time. She had a Whole box full of little jars With lids!! Everything from a 2oz to a 8-10oz size! They come in handy for all sorts of things!  They were all wrapped in new dish towels and dishcloths that match my kitchen. I also got a new coffee maker. Kyle got a pair of overalls. He loves those things. But they came in the wrong length so they have to go back..
 We are still freezing here! The high today was around 25*. We are having to water twice a day to keep the animals watered. They freeze with in a few hours. But they all seem to be doing fine.
 We also are getting a whole weeks vacation from school this week! We got some things that need to be caught up outside.. I have to get the chicken house cleaned out. All the Christmas decorations need to come down! I am always happy to put them up and Happy to take them down!Lol
 I have to say we are so blessed! Its been a rough year from start to finish but that's okay we have learned and we are happy, warm, safe and healthy! I am looking forward to this next year!
 So I am off to get ready to go to town.. We get to go to church tonight.


Gail said...

What a beautiful bowl. So very thoughtful.

The best Christmas present I ever had was when I got a portable drill. I love it! Still do. Don't leave the battery on the charger too long...I ruined one that way.

Sadly we tend to forget our blessed we are.

Blessed holidays and enjoy your week.

kestrel said...

I glad 2009 has a wonderful ending for you and your family. The plate does look lovely and you must be a wonderful daughter in law. Kyle looks a bit confused with the instructions - with a large drill like that in the pic, I would be! I read in the papers tje snow storms are terrible this year. Take care and Happy New Year

Mary said...

My best friend, who happens to be a man, swears by his electric griddle.

We are all blessed!

Merry Christmas!

Feral Female said...

What a lovely bowl!

It must have been the year for new cordless drills, my hubby got one from Santa as well!