Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Forgot A Title!!

Oldest baby bun........ It is 3 1/2 weeks old now

The youngers... How about a smooch??lol
Checking out the getting snugged up for the cold weather!!

This is what the rabbit cages look like.. We stuff hay all around the cages and on top the bottoms are still open though. But we put hay in with them and they have their boxes too. Then if the weather is bad or at night we pull the tarp down and tie it down to block the wind. Pretty snug! they will also eat on it so it will have to be replaced eventually

Speaking of the weather we have had snow and rain today!! I am sooo excited..(imagine a sarcastic monotone here..) One night its suppose to get down to 18*!!! EIGHTEEN DEGREEES!!! yuck!lol All I can imagine is the hay bales we will be toting to the barn because the goats will be gorging themselves on it to stay warm!! So needless to say we aren't cleaning the barn out this week they need that bedding to help stay warm.

I am also still fighting leg mites with the chickens. They are looking Much better but still some signs of them. So I took some of the left over cedar from decorating and cut it up a little smaller and put it in the nest boxes and scattered them on the floor too. Cedar repels bugs. I wish I had about 3-4 bags of cedar sawdust it would make a Big difference. I need to mix up more salve and apply it.

Good news is everyone is about done molting and I am getting between 5-9 eggs a day. Woo Hoo! I gave the store bought eggs away!Lol 2 of the hens keep going in Hobo's dog house and laying eggs. She gets all nervous and is running in and out of her house.. Then brings the eggs out and drops it in front of the house. Its funny. She use to retrieve goose eggs at the other house and bring them to the front door!! lol She is a breed all her own!! An Egg Retriever and Chicken Guard Dog!

Saturday we have a 4H rabbit project field trip. Kara is the only one from our family in the rabbit project so the 2 of us will be heading to the rabbit show with the rest of the kids. Its a big state wide show. I cant wait and She is passing up a Christmas parade to go!! Kyle and the other 2 girls will be staying home and going to the parade. Of course with him being a volunteer now there is a chance they may get to ride in the fire truck in the parade...
Well I am going to go curl up on the couch in front of the fire.. Best place to be right now!!


small farm girl said...

Those rabbits have got it made!!! I could almost live in one of those cages. (If I could fit) lol

tree ocean said...

The bunnies and cage arrangements look great! Wish you best at the show...

BTW I loved the pic of van when you were hanging with the goats yesterday!

Feral Female said...

Good luck at your 4-H rabbit show! Great shots of the goats as well!

Brenda said...

What a great way to keep the rabbits warm! You have great ideas for making things work well around the farm that doesn't cost a lot.

Good luck at the show.

Anke said...

Your bunnies are so sweet. I showed a picture of them to my youngest the other day and she just about drooled all over the keyboard. Good luck with the show!

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Awww...the bunnies! So cute! :) That is an amazing bunnie hutch! How funny about your egg retrieving dog! :) LOL

Kelle said...

Those bunnies are precious. I'd love to have rabbits, in fact we have a feral( once tame) rabbit that comes around here, it's black and white and fairly large. We, of course, feed it and it's now made a nest in our loose straw, under a tarp. Do you raise them to sell, just for pets, or to butcher? I just don't think I could butcher a rabbit, they are too cute!

It's frigid here, this morning's temps -5F. Our animals all got extra bedding and the pigs get "hot slop" now and the poultry even gets a hot mash in the mornings. Everyone gets their healthy portion of grass hay with a flake of alfalfa for that added boost when it's cold, this is twice daily. Yep, our animals are very spoiled, LOL!

Knowing prayers are being reaised on our behalf, is always a comfort. I'm glad it is for you too!

Stay snug as a bunny *wink*

~Tonia said...

Thanks for the good wishes at the show. We are just going to watch this one and get an idea on how things work! I forgot to put that in there!
Kelle- These rabbits are pets. I am looking at adding meat rabbits this next spring. I personally cant butcher them but my mom is a pro at it and can butcher several in a day so I am going to raise them and she is going to process... Then we will split the meat!
Thank you Brenda!! We try to be Thrifty And Comfortable!Lol Most of that hay was were it had fallen from taking hay to the goats. ITs all good but loose hay. So it was easier to just scoop it up.
Anke- I have yet to find a kid who isnt entralled with our rabbits! Or goats and chickens for that matter. I prnted up pics for my Sunday school class for something to show them waiting on everyone to get there. It works great. I have also brought in animals. They are always a hit!!
Rabbits are some of the easiest things to care for. Its like all other livestock there are certain things you gotta do but they leave a pretty big margin for error till you learn!lol