Thursday, December 17, 2009

Goat Kit....

Here Ya GO Tree!!And anyone else interested!!
 A list of what is in my goat kit or what will be there as soon as can be replaced..

Alot of the little stuff

First my syringes....
I have a drench syringe! The syringe with the silver thing on it.
 Its is the best thing ever! Less Meds on the ground and more in the goat!

I have luer locking syringes for needles. They are easier. The needle rarely comes off with these.
Sharpie marker... You never know what you may need it for! I usually have pencil and paper too.
Probios helps to keep a rumen going if the goat has been under a lot of stress or just having trouble in general. I would like to have Fastrack supplement its the best But very expensive. A good yogurt helps too!

Zinc Oxide is good for a lot of things. When A buck gets urine scald it helps protect the skin. Or if you have soremouth outbreak add a little tea tree oil and it helps clear it up quick. OR it did for me...
 Tape measure is for measuring to see how much they weigh. There is a chart to help you figure it out... Shot glass or med cup dipping navels or mixing aspirin and water to drench the goat with when sick.
Gloves... Yes I tend to get a bit squeamish about handling gross stuff... 
Little scalpel I used it once several years ago when a goat had a abscess from something poking her in the mouth next to her lips. Quick clean cuts and easy to handle..
Tweezers and Eye drops.. Goats get things in their eyes something helps to wash them out...
Castrating bands and Banding tool..But tool is broke Have to get a new one.
 FAMACHA card to help gauge the color of eyes and gums.  Candice and I took the class 2 years ago.  I recommend every goat owner taking it.

Needles-I use 18 gauge needles and either 1 or 1.5 inch length.
I keep several they are cheap and Occasionally you will get a dull one.. I always feel bad about having to give shots..

Some of the chemical wormers I use..
Safe Guard/Panacur are the only ones actually labeled for use in goats. They have also become almost useless in some areas. I also use the cheap brand of Ivomec and Ivomec Plus. I am really happy with the results from the IvomecPlus. Valbazen is pretty harsh I don't use it much. Definitely don't use it on kids under 6 months. I am going to be using Cydectin after kidding this year.

Antibiotics- I keep on hand is Biomycin and Pen-G. Biomycin is like LA-200 but doesn't sting.
Vet Rx is labeled for rabbits. You can think of it like Vicks Vapor rub. You put a few drops in their nose to help with colds if they get them..
 Vit B Complex- It helps a sick goat keep an appetite. Some people give it orally instead of injecting it.
 You can also crush up Human Vit B complex pills and give to them in a little water or I mix mine in yogurt..

Alcohol to sterilize everything.
Iodine to spray on wounds, navels, and misc.
 I soak the Castrating bands in the iodine too Before using them.
Blood stop powder- I have had it for 3 years now and I have had to use once.. When the bucks at the other farm were fighting and the younger one broke his Horn off... It doesn't work well for a squirting blood artery... You can use Flour in place of Blood stop.. Or cobwebs if in a pinch..

Blue spray bottle is my Vinegar and essential oil mix for bug pest. Flies, gnats, ticks and Mosquitoes. I spray them every morning when I milk If they are having trouble with them.
Green Spray Bottle is Alcohol/sanitizer good for spraying whatever needs sanitized like my hoof trimmers.
Red spray bottle is my discipline bottle.. Goats start causing trouble or getting in the way when we are working on them we give them a squirt of water in the face. They get to where they just see the bottle and start shaking their head.. Especially the Ornery ones! Lol.
The rope is a rope halter Kyle made for me and extra rope for what ever it may need to be used for.. I do not use it to tie my goats up however!

My hoof trimming stuff.
Toothbrush works good for cleaning out the crud. 
Hoof trimmers- The most wonderful pair of Orange handled hoof trimmers. I used garden shears for years. These really do work better.
Wood rasp to help level off hooves. Just started using that and I like the looks of their hooves when I am done with it. 
Hoof pick.. Don't use it much. Its hung around for years...Lol

Something I wouldn't be with out..  The blue and black is a Utility knife best thing ever for what ever you need it for.. Most common use is cutting hay strings.  The other is a very sharp knife.. Its for what ever  it may be needed for... You can see which one is used the most..
  Things not pictured and I have to replace .....
 Baking Soda- You never know when something they eat is not going to agree with them and if the baking soda don't work you need..
 Veggie oil- Nothing expensive. Just something to take the gas out of their bellies..
 Tetanus Antitoxin- Another inexpensive just in case...
Selenium/Vit. E Supplement- This depends on where you live. A great map I have found to show your area is Here. Some people give BOSE shots I haven't had to yet...
Aspirin- Good for when there is pain just not when they are bleeding as it will thin the blood...
 Ear Oil- I mix this up myself with Tea tree and Lavender essential oil in Olive oil. It goes for the rabbits, dogs and cats as well. Helps with ear mites and other things of that nature!
 I don't carry this whole thing out every time I have to do anything with the goats. It sits by the back door and i usually get what I need out of it and put it in a smaller bucket. But if I ever have an emergency I grab it and it will fit over the top of a panel out of the reach of Most goats!lol  I think that is it....
 I had a good day today.. Brown Bear went home and I got to visit with my Friend, Brenda over at Granny's Best . I got to sample some cheese always good!! I looked again at the Hopeful parents to the new buck for here at home. Mom-to-be Liz is tan with cream spots.. and Dad-to-be, Latte is Brown and black with a few cream colored spots. He is as sweet as can be!. Cant wait to see the little buck they produce for me! Praying for them to have at least one buck! lol I know Murphy's Law will say an all Doe year for Ms.Liz the Nubian this year.. Lol

Have a good night all!


tree ocean said...

What a great kit! I know water squirts are a great training tool-why didnt I think of using it on goats who hate water?!?!? I was working in the pen last week and one of them kept grabbing my can of fence staples and spilling them I was soooo mad!!!

One thing I have had good luck with as a blood stop is crushed yarrow leaves, but if you have the blood stop on hand that is good...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this info. I am interested in the 'ear oil'. What is the ratio of tea tree oil, lavender oil and olive oil?

Feral Female said...

What a well stocked tote you have Tonia! Mine looks very similar right down to the hoof trimmers! This is a good entry for anyone wondering what they may need to have on hand.

Nicely done!

Brenda said...

Great goat kit! You've inspired me to get mine organized. And, given me a few new ideas too!

I enjoyed the visit VERY much when you brought Brown Bear home ... I'm glad you enjoyed the cheese!

Mary said...

Yep, that is a complete kit!

I've used the blood stop powder a number of times. Good stuff!

Vit B complex is an absolute plus.

Merry Christmas!

Silver said...

I'd just been from another wonderful blog sharing about her adorable goat pictures and here i am reading another one on a complete set of goat kit.

I wonder if this is a sign for me ..i am considering a pet for my boys, y' see.. ;P


~Tonia said...

Barbara- The oil is about an 8 oz bottle I filled it with Olive oil and then add around 2 ml each of the teatree and lavender. It doesnt have to be to strong because the olive oil does most of the work. Be prepared None of the animals appreciate it!Lol
Thank You everyone for the compliments Just believe me when I say it doesnt always look that neat!.... Just for a few days after I clean it out...Lol
I also want to say on that Dewormers some people use some of them differently than I do.. Its best to talk to goat people in your area to see what they use. Farther north where it gets colder you dont have to worm as often(LuckY!) where the more wet it is the more you will have too.. Just watch your precautions on the instructions..
Hi Silver thanks for visiting Goats are great pets In Pairs!! If you have just one goat be prepared it will be the brat of the neighbor hood.. With a partner its apt to not get into as much trouble!lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps for all this info! I am going to get a tote stocked little by little.
Thanks too, about the baby bottle. She does seem to have a small mouth but I did get an ounce and a hlaf down her tonight. SHe is a fiesty sort, whixh is good, and she has taken to knowing I am food and love...funny as I have had to basically force the milk down her. I hated to put her in the hose but I was afraid she would burn up what few calories she might have gotten this morning trying to stay warm all night. We'll see how morning goes...if no improvement in sucking, I will go to store and grba baby bottle. Theother goats just looked at her as if to sy...."what? another one?"!
We use Safeguard wormer for our goats.
When Trapperdude bought the castrating bander, the guy said he hated those things.
Trapperdude replied, "so will my daughter's boyfriend."! The guy's eyes got wide and Trapper kept his serious look till he got to the truck. Guess its a good thing Daughter is already married, Huh?