Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December First Already?!?!

I cannot believe it!!!.. Anyway I went a sat out with the goats for a while this afternoon.. Here is the current attention hog... I had been rubbing under his chin I thought he was going to fall into my lap.. Every time I stopped he would paw at me. Silly Boy!
Some one should tell them they can eat through the little holes on the side. They think its best to eat their hay this way..
Dottie was another attention hog today.. She is usually not that much for individual attention. But she was following me and when I stopped petting her she would stick her head under my hand...
This is her winter coat... See all that white its her under coat and its very thick!! They all have thick under coats this year. More so than last year!
WE pulled out the Christmas decorations this year... This is the first time I have ever decorated outside though!! I used cedar outside on the rails and made a wreath with it. Cant have it inside as Candice is allergic to it and makes her miserable with in minutes!! It looks better when the lights are on......
We still have a little fake tree for inside. I think I will invest in a bigger fake tree that way we don't have to worry about it bothering any ones allergies or having to get a new one every year!!
We are in week 7 of Kyle's layoff... Its not been fun. I don't think he has ever been laid off for this many weeks in a row! They have a job but because a committee on a hospital board cant make up their mind about what block to use they are stalling the job!! Its really crazy!
He is a Journeyman Bricklayer and has been in the union for almost 15 years now.. The bulk of his work is commercial jobs. His company builds a lot of schools, department stores, and things of that nature.. He gets so aggravated especially like the schools..
This one school he worked on about a year and a half ago was building a new high school... It had marble, special brick cuts and stones to be laid every where... Well once they got it built and moved in they couldn't even use the top floor because they couldn't afford to pay the teachers!!
Kyle said if they would scale down their construction to basic things and not get all fancy then they could pay the teachers a decent wage.. But instead they have fancy buildings and not enough teachers! My kids don't even go to public school and I really started this as a sort of rant about the "committee" at the Hospital that can't make up its mind while families are getting closer and closer to Christmas and barely scraping by on Unemployment.. Yep Dave Ramsey's emergency fund thing would have come in real handy!!
On the bright side it has brought me back to some areas I had gotten lax in about being frugal... So there are a few things that are good coming out of this. The girls are older and we can explain things to them logically and it makes sense to them why we cant do or go like we usually do.. We are having to pick and chose carefully what we do because money is tight...
They are really great girls and they have been very patient with this. Even when its hard for Kyle and I to handle. They are like its no big deal mom we know it will be okay..... hmmm apparently they listen more than they let on!lol We don't try to hide things like this from them. We try to use it to teach the girls about life..
Anyway.... Its suppose to be very cold here in the next week possibly even snow tomorrow!!! Yikes! I am not looking forward to real cold. But its coming.. Okay I am off to bed this is WAY to late for me to be up!!


Brenda said...

Tonia - Since things are a bit stressful with the job situation ... it's a good thing to be able to go out and spend some time sitting with the goats. I do that too when the rest of the world seems to be closing in on me.

There is a great peace in sitting there ... with them coming up to you in turn ... and even laying on you ... while you rub and scratch them. I especially enjoy sitting in the young doe pen. They still think they're babies and want to lay on my lap ... even though most of them are pregnant and will have babies in a few months themselves.

They give an unconditional love. It has a way of clearing out the stresses in your mind and makes it easier to deal with things in the "real" world.

Ryan said...

I remember 15 years ago when my highschool was built there was a big deal when to save cost they took the bricks they already bought and rather than have a belt of dark squares on angle they just had them straight. Design people are so funny they get things locked into their heads that in truth has little value.

The good news it you have your future to build up emergency savings in case there is a next time.

Carolyn said...

That's cashmere baby.

If you comb it wash it and spin it you may just have enough to make an earmuff. LOL

Sweet goatie photos.

Kelle said...

Praying for you and your family in this time of unemployment. I'm sure it isn't much fun, especially at Christmas. One blessing is that you are creative, resourceful and know how to make do from scratch. Praying that job will get started soon for your Dh.

Love your goat pictures, I know nothing about goats and less about sheep, but I do think they are very cute. Mike doesn't like sheep or goats and says they are no use to our family, he won't drink goat milk, and we don't spin. Cortney is allowed to raise bum lambs until they are weaned for a friend, but none will be staying here*sigh* We don't have fencing for goats or sheep anyway.

I love your front steps and your porch, the decorations are beautiful. I'm hoping to drive up and cute some cedar branches as well as some pine for making a wreath from the front and back doors. I also like to put pine branches, interesting weeds and some fake red berries in my crock in the kitchen, then with the table cloth and placemats that room looks and smells like Christmas too!

~Tonia said...

Kelle- THANK YOU! It is very much appreciated! Thats to bad goats are so personable and great for kids to learn with.. They are hard to fence in sometimes but there are many solutions to that problem!lol Now sheep.... Sorry sheep people who read my blog I can live with out them.. Been there and done that..
Carolyn- Yep If I combed every goat I have I MAY have enough to make A bootie sock.... Maybe!LOL
Ryan- You better believe when we get through this I will be working on that emergency fund.. We sort of did a flip flop and have paid off debt first.. But when we get through this we are back to planning..
Brenda- I agree 100%. Animals help handle the stress of life. Between the goats, chickens, rabbits and dogs its something else to concentrate on, spend time with, cuddle and care for.. I dont know how people live with out animals. LOL THey also help the girls learn how to deal with responsibility. Some people dont understand that but thats okay....

small farm girl said...

Isn't it funny how life's problems seem to disapear when you are in the presence of animals.

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia we went to Springfield for a couple of days so I am just catching up here. I am adding my prayers that Kyle gets back to work. The hospital board needs to get it together pronto!

Your outside decorations look very festive and I love your stone steps!