Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cleaning House.....

Well hit a button and published before I even started typing...
Okay I cleaned the Chicken house today!
It was about 6 inches deep and Stinky!
I put in more Ventilation since I think we had it sealed up to much
Where you can see sky is facing south.
So hopefully it will help with some natural light too.

 The nest box had an idea for it..
Feed Bags to put down and keep everything from falling out..
 Like bedding/nesting material.
I layered it with cedar and then hay..

My big rooster and the little hens.
My White crested Polish and Kyla's Silver Spangled Hamburg.

Scratching through the old stuff.

My Mouse Hunter! She was pulling double duty today!
I let her loose while I was working on it.

 It took me about 3 and a half hours to clean out the chicken house. It was packed tight. Kyla was helping me out. Glad I had some help it would have went a lot slower!.
It has made me dread cleaning out the goat barn!Lol....
 Anyway I cleaned it down to the dirt... Well the squishy nasty stuff that use to be dirt.. One corner had a family of  12 mice but between Hobo and the chickens I think only one survived and it was severely traumatized .We tried putting the cats out there but they just freaked when they saw the chickens and ran...
  I moved my nest box to the other side and more in the back corner. Opened up the south end for more natural light and ventilation. Attached the tarp piece more firmly on the north side. 
 After scooping out all the stinky nasty slimy stuff  I put down a layer of Lime to help with killing the smell and any bugs.. Then I cut up the cedar decorations and put a layer of them down along with putting it around the edges to help insulate against draft on the ground.
 I then put the nest box back up and layered it with the feed bag, cedar and hay. I reattached the roost and added another stick. I soaked them in Apple Cider Vinegar and Eucalyptus oil mix To kill the bugs too.  I made sure I had a short roost for my little Silkie roo! He tries to be big and tough but he is just so cute and fluffy!
 I got it all done and was putting things up and everyone headed to check it out.. They walked around clucking and checking out the rearrangement. They all seemed to approve! Lol..
They was fussing at me plenty when I was cleaning though! They were laying eggs in the dog house and were quick to inspect the nest. One hen was hanging around and eating anything that wiggled as I was digging it out. There were lots of earthworms!
 I had enough "stuff to fill up around an area about 7'X7'/ 5 inches deep give or take some.. I am hoping it smothers out some stuff and I can plant some good stuff there next spring... We will see!
 SP now I am going to drag my aching body off to soak for a while!lol I get to take the girls shopping with their gift cards tomorrow... Yeah me... Can you read my excitement here?? Lol  But I do get to stop by my friend Brenda's tomorrow for a few minutes!! Yeah!


small farm girl said...

Awwwwww how cute!!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Sounds like you accomplished a LOT today!! Go YOU!! Great job, and I sure enjoyed reading all the adventures too. Sounds like some of our cleaning parties around here - in fact, I need to work on some of that again! Just waiting for good weather. I hope that we have some more before Spring :) -Tammy

Anonymous said...

Ahh..I could always garauntee myself time alone when weeding the garden or mucking out the barn.
My body resists moving normally for days afterward!
Yes, I have a few gift cards to use as well...thank goodness one is to Tractor Supply!!
Thanks for your comment as well...I think I will be praying from now till next year (if the Lord allows) for everyone to cherish and not take for granted each other...you would think that was a no brainer, but apparently it's not.

Brenda said...

Hey Tonia - I love the nest box idea! I'll bet the chickens love it too! I need to put something like that up around here and maybe I could find eggs again :-)

I look forward to the visit tomorrow!

Feral Female said...

Sounds to me like a nice hot bath and a cup of coffee is in order after all that hard work.

We just cleaned our bird coops a few weeks ago...my back may never be the same. =)

tree ocean said...

My son just did the goose house and chic coop this weekend when we had above freezing temps. HE forgot the eggs last night though so I bet they froze solid! We have a lot of eggs on hand right now though.

Our senior rooster died last week (at least 8 years old) I think from the cold..I had him by the stove under a lamp and noticed crawlies on him! Bird lice? I put out some DE for them to dust bathe in and it filled with rain of course. The cedar sounds like a good natural but once they are on the bird under all those feathers...hmmmm I would spray them but birds are so delicate and who wants the poison? Any other thoughts on louse control ?

Spring Lake Farm said...

I know it feels good to get something like that accomplished!

Happy New Year!


~Tonia said...

Tree- It takes a little bit but this is what I have done. Vaseline and I mix in Tea tree oil or any other oil I have that repels bugs. Mix it together. Then slather it on where you see the eggs.Around the vent and the legs. Then I chopped up carrots, garlic and oatmeal and put it out for feed over night. Oatmeal is to make it not so juicy. Carrots and Garlic kill parasites. You do this once a week till bugs are gone.But make sure they dont have access to anything else to eat. So they eat this. Its working for mine slowly but surely. After being on that farm they have been fighting all sorts of stuff we brought here with us.

Debbie said...

I remember the good old days of mucking out the chicken house. I actually miss it. Hopefully come spring I will be able to get outside and work in one of the old sheds to make it work for a chicken house. I miss having my girls around.