Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day Happenings....

This mornings rush to empty the stockings!

Making the pizza!
The girls each topped part of a pizza like they wanted it.

It was good and took One piece to fill us up!
The girls said it was better than any pizza we ever had!
WOW What a compliment!

 The white we woke up to!!
 It snowed like crazy for a while but it was also blowing alot.

A female cardinal and woodpecker sharing the bird feeder.

The girls usually put bird feed here.
 I neglected to do that this morning.But this little bird was there looking!

 Little rock building behind the house.

 We had a good day today. Enjoyed a lazy day and good food!
But I almost had a mess last night.... I dump wood ashes in my chicken house for my chickens to dust bath in.. Works good.... most of the time.. Well these ashes hadn't had many coals in them when we emptied the stove the last time. It sat on the steps for about 2 days.. I had Kyla dump them in the chicken house yesterday morning... She didn't notice anything and she is a firebug and immediately notice anything to do with fire most of the time... Well I get out to do chores last night and go to check eggs... I keep smelling something funny... But couldn't quite place the "smell".. So I kick the ashes around thinking maybe something was in it.. Well there was! It had coals and was smoldering down through the bedding. Good thing it was wet or I may have lost chickens and a tarp! Plus cause some havoc on the edge of town here! I dumped water on it and soaked it good. But the chickens did not want to go in there! Scared me and them!!! I will from now on make sure the ashes are Just ashes!!
 We have Christmas with one more set of Grandparents tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Then All the decoration will be put up for another year.. Then we can hopefully start planning for babies and spring.
Have a good night everyone!


Brenda said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas day at home with your family! We traveled down toward Branson to spend the day with family. It was a good day!

I'm glad your ash coals in the chicken house didn't turn into a disaster!

small farm girl said...

Wow Tonia, that was a close call! You almost had baked chicken for Christmas! lol.
I'm glad you had a good Christmas. Let's keep it going into the new year.

Mimi's Mama said...

What a beautiful Christmas! And I am so glad nothing came of the hot ashes and your chickens. I definitely understand! Ours are patiently waiting for the heat lamp to get plugged in. :)

tree ocean said...

That pizza looks sooo good! I could go for a piece of that before I hit the farm this am its 6:30 LOL.

Your girls are growing up so fast!!!!Like my son! My daughter will be grown before I know it! Makes me all teary to see yours like young ladies seems like they were just little ones!!!!!

The snow pics are beautiful too. We had lazy food filled day. I have a toothache this am from all the sweets!

SCARY about the ashes!!! Fires scare me to death I have a woodstove too and somedays I feel so paranoid about it...

goatmilker said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas and a white one at that. The pizza looks wonderful.Have a great day Rebekah.

Feral Female said...

Oh my stars that pizza looked delicious!! Very nice photos as always Tonia, thanks for sharing your holiday with us! =)

Debbie said...

Mmmmm... the pizza looks great! I can almost smell it. I may have to make some here for supper... or better yet... Maybe I will plan a New Years pizza party with the family! Thank you for the idea. :)

Very scarey about the ashes. I am so glad you caught it before anything had happened.

Enjoy your weekend,


Rural Rambler said...

That pizza. Oh. My. Yum. Glad you all had a nice Christmas day. We stayed in except to feed the birds and squirrels. The wind was not to be believed, hardly any snow. Glad you caught the smoldering coals. And I'm ready now to plan and think about Spring too. Looking forward to my first spring reading about your goat babies on your blog.

Enjoy your country Saturday Tonia!