Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bunnies Galore..... And something not quite as cute..Lol Have a look!..

One Cute little lionhead buck...
I learned today though that they are not an accepted breed as of yet..
It was hard to walk away...

Talk about hard to walk away from to day..
 A little Netherland dwarf..

Jersey Woolsey another cutie..

A black Polish.. These weigh around 2 lbs fullgrown...
This little buck was $75!!!

Talk about some ears!!! Check out this bunny!

Its a Checkered Giant...
One was named Evil Lady and tried to chew and pull Kara through the cage!Lol

This nice lady let me take her picture while she was grooming her Angora rabbit.
These rabbits are so docile they will lay on their backs while being combed!
It was to funny!

Here is another Angora... It has a face in there somewhere!!

Judging the Dwarf Hotot. This judge seemed real nice.
It was reall interesting to watch!

Can you tell me what this is???
Despite its not so beautiful looks it seemed really sweet.
 Oh and it also cost about $80!!

This is a Flemish Giant and they are definitely a Giant..
The cage he is in is about 30 inches deepand it was sitting end to end in the cage.
Not stretched out much at all!

I was NOT going to bring home another rabbit BUT...... Meet Bianca..
We didnt pay a thing for her.

Bianca's story...
 She is around 2 yrs old.. Her previous owner is moving.. She wanted to sell her for $20..
 As I was talking to her I was petting and feeling on her. She was very skinny. You could feel her backbones, ribs and hips... Not a good thing..
So the lady Kara got her 2 original Dwarf Hotots was there and I guess I had a funny look on my face when I was checking her out.. I told the owner we couldnt take her. Didnt have the money for sure. So anyway the other lady is checking the little doe out then and said something about her being so skinny.. She hadnt had a litter for several months so she should have been in better condition than she was...End of story or so I thought......
 About 30 minutes later the lady we got our originals from comes running up!! She is very energtic!lol Says you still want that doe?? I have her and you all can have her if you want her! So now she is home to live with us!!! She is a little bit longer but she can have more babies than a smaller doe..
 There were so many different rabbits there!!! I tell you its a good way to find what you are looking for!! We are going to try and go to a show and Kara will  take a rabbit to show in February.
 It was a fun day.. Nice to get out for a while!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure to the Rabbit show with pictures. I am learning so much from you about rabbits.

Lucky Bianca that she came home with you. She is beautiful!

Have a wonderful day

tree ocean said...

What cute rabbits! And a new one-congratulations!
Is that a cross between a chinchilla and a guinea pig?

Gail said...

Congratulations on your new addition.

Carolyn said...

The rabbit show looks like so much fun!!!

And you got a new addition.

Jenny said...

Those angoras are just too funny. I'll have to take your word that there's a bunny somewhere under there! And that poor little guinea pig looks like he needs a sweater--maybe angora?

Debbie said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures from the show. I love looking at them. I have no clue what that little one was either. I will have to get Danielle to take a look. they have a pair of flemish giants and they make my cats look tiny! I am posting pictures of the french lops they bought recently.

Stay warm,

Flat Creek Farm said...

The rabbits are so pretty :) Congrats on Bianca! I don't know what the cute 'other' little critter is, but he looks lovable! Thanks for sharing. As I'm typing this our ONE bunny is watching me... lol. -Tammy

Feral Female said...

Such beautiful rabbits and such varities as well! It seems those Bianca`s are just too special not to fall in love our Lamancha doe Bianca will concur with!