Monday, December 28, 2009

And Now Back to Our Regular Scheduled Programming......

 SO Busted!! Lol

They get the same thing But apparently its better here!

Ethel(daughter) and Dottie (mom)

Shaped just alike! They are due about the same too.
They were 1st in heat when Brown Bear visited..
March 6th is first possible date... 68 days

Little miss Sasha! Or Miss Rotten as I call her!Lol

 Here is Mariah the youngest out of the 3 babies.
 Ethel is behind her here.
She is a 2 yr old and Mariah is almost as tall as her.

Bellies everywhere......

Side shot of Abby.
 She is so dainty compared to Sasha and Abby.
 I am having to keep an eye on her.
She isn't as pushy as the other 2 youngers.
So I have to make sure she gets her grain.

 As you can tell from my last post I was Really Happy about the news we got this morning!Lol  Now if the weather will just cooperate!!
 I spent a Few minutes with my Goaties besides just feeding them and running back inside.. Its still Freezing cold outside but I had missed them in the rush of Christmas and the cold Very Cold weather!
 I had cleaning the chickens house out on my list today but so was taking down the Christmas Decorations... So it was more of a Clean the People House day and Hopefully I will get the chickens done tomorrow. I am using all the cedar I used to decorate with as the first layer of bedding to help with repelling the bugs. I have to re-hang a feeder that was in the wrong place too.
My house looks bare after taking the Christmas decorations down. But I like it! Its seems not so cluttered!  That's all I have for tonight.. I think I will go to bed early for once.. We have to get back in a routine with him going back to work.. Otherwise he will be Very tired! No more staying up till Midnight!!
 Sooo Good Night everyone!


small farm girl said...

Good Night Tonia. Loved the pictures of your "fatties".m hehehe.
Stay warm.

Feral Female said...

Pleasant dreams! Some of your girls are looking very round in the belly there! =)

Jennifer said...

Those sure are some pretty goats!

tree ocean said...

You are going to have a lot of goat milk!!!Those does are looking rather pregnant!

LOL at the chickens. Glad to hear Kyle will be back to work soon! Loved your Christmas gifts, too. I was like, "ooh I want a griddle and a new drill too!" hehehe

Anke said...

I love the pictures of your goats. My in laws used to keep goats and it was always a lot of fun when we visited them. My girls especially liked the baby's and tried to chase them and love on them.

Brenda said...

The chickens are TOO funny. The goat girls are looking nice and round! It looks like Brown Bear did a good job. I can't wait to see the babies! It's good to see how Abby, Mariah and Sasha have grown up. Yes ... you will have a lot of milk this season! Are you planning on making some cheese ?? :-)

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Hooray he is going back to work!! :) My house is bare too after all the Christmas stuff is gone, but I love being back to "normal"! :) Looking forward to seeing those baby goats!

Nezzy said...

Good night~~sleep tight! But don't ya know life on the farm is never normal? Heeeheehe!!!

You and yours have a very Happy New Year!!!

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia those Goaties look huge to me!!! I think you are going to have lots of babies!