Monday, December 21, 2009

An All Goat Post.......

I spent a little time out with my goats this morning.
 Watching them dive into their clover hay for breakfast!
In this pic is Hope she is the black goat.
 You can see the back end of Abby, Sunshine's head and
Mariah is the one standing on her back legs in the hay rack..

In this pic is Sasha and Mariah standing up,
April is the big goat and Dottie is the spotted one behind her..

This is everyone Except you cant see Abby!
 She managed to almost completely avoid my camera today!

This is not exactly how I planned for this hay rack to work.
 They are suppose to eat through the smaller squares Not over the top!
But I guess it helps build those muscles!

I am starting to get a little worried....
 I am pretty sure all of them settled.
 My Nubian's are singing to their babies every night.
 But some of them are already showing?!?!
And they are only At the most 2.5 months along....
Of course Dottie has looked pregnant for about 6 months now!

Ethel is the one really showing..
She has always had twins if she does like her Mom, Dottie
then its possible for it to be triplets this time..

 Sunshine the herd queen!
She loves to stand up on the hay rack like this.

Of course Van the wether..
Who is not expecting anything but more goat berries!

Everyone is due sometime between March 6 and the end of March... But with the way those bellies are shaping up I am getting concerned about the Number of babies they may have... Last year Sunshine, Dottie and April all had triplets. Ethel and Hope had twins...Mariah, Abby and Sasha will be first time moms. About a month before everyone is due I am going to start them back on the red raspberry tea. It cant hurt anything hopefully it will help. I had to help to much last year with babies not being quite in position.
So all I have to do is wait.... and wait... and wait.....
 Tomorrow is the shortest day/Longest night of the year! After that we get a little more Sunshine each day!


Rural Rambler said...

Tonia they all look so shiny and healthy. Love the pictures and you telling us the names. I would be a wreck anticipating all those babies and knowing I had to "help". I guess it is all about what we know and you know your goats! Enjoy your Monday, I think it will be our best day weather wise this week. Oh, and I am all for a little more sunshine each day :)

Spring Lake Farm said...

We have our first two does freshening for the first time in early 2010 so I'm a little nervous and praying that everything goes well. Red Raspberry tea??? I'll have to look that one up.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


Feral Female said...

Some of those gals do look kinda big already! I did notice that ne of my ladies is showing, or at least looks it to me, and mine aren`t due to kid until mid March as well.

And isn`t it just like goats to NEVER do what you had hoped they would do! =)

Brenda said...

The girls are looking good! They sure are enjoying that hay. You may have a full barn when they kid!

small farm girl said...

Wow! You are about to have a goat population problem. hehehhe. Oh, I can't wait for the longer days. This being dark is driving me crazy!


~Tonia said...

Thank you everyone!
Sandy the red raspberry is given to pregnant and nursing women for strengthening the uterus and milk production. I read in one of my books about giving it to animals that seem to have trouble conceiving or who have problems birthing.. Like long labors or kids in the wrong position and tangled ..
They said to feed it to them and you can use the tea form you can buy in the stores... But my goats wont all eat it or some are a little more piggish about it.. SO I made them a 5 gallon bucket of tea! I took a quart jar and put a couple tablespoons of red raspberry loose tea and a couple of tablespoons of Molasses and filled it up with hot water.. Let it set for about an hour. Mixing it up every once in a while. Then fill a 5 gallon bucket almost full and add the tea leaves and all.. First time I did they practically licked the bucket clean.They all drank some Even the picky ones. I did that for about a month before the buck came to visit.... Then I will start it about a month before the first ones are due....
We will see how this year compares to other years. I have records of everything from the last several years. SO I can compare..

tree ocean said...

I drank raspberry leaf tea my last month with my second and it was the easiest labor of all three except for the pushing since he was 10 pounds!! And a big fat healthy baby so I guess it helped with the breast milk too! (I kept drinking it while nursing) He is so chubby in his baby pics!!!Now he is twelve and taller than me (at 5'8") and has size ten 1/2 shoes!!! He is skinny but we wear the same size waist...LOL. I have visions of him coming to visit me in my old age and having to duck coming in the door!

Your goats look good hope birthing goes well...

Spring Lake Farm said...

Tonia - Thanks for the information. I will have to give it a try.

Nezzy said...

Ooooo ya'll are goin' to be birthin' some goat babies soon and very soon. I can't wait to see the pics!

God bless and have the BEST day!!!