Monday, November 16, 2009

Lets Play A Game.......

Guess Which Egg came from the grocery store???? Lol!! I would think it is pretty obvious to anyone who has raised chickens or who buy fresh eggs on a regular basis.. These eggs are the product of Chicken scratch, Black Oil Sunflower seeds, Meat scraps, veggies scraps,clean up what grain the goats spill and Free ranging the yard.. So they get to dig for bugs and worms and do they ever!! Just ask My strawberry plants who have survived... Sort of.. lol Now Which egg would you rather eat??
The Baby!! Its getting quite fuzzy now.. Its eyes are starting to open a little It is 8 days old now! Another litter is due tomorrow. Dot was building a nest today. I have been getting an egg a day since Saturday!! Its a different color each day.. I have green, brown and white. The green comes in varying shades.. So sweet of them to start laying again!Lol
I went and bought some fresh cows milk today!! I know How could I a dedicated Dairy goat owner bought Cow's milk!!! but most goats are drying up like mine have and there is no one to buy goats milk from... This is sweet Jersey milk in all its creaminess!! The grocery store stuff is seriously lacking in satisfying a milk craving! Anyway the people who own it are very nice. It was worth the scenic drive for a couple of gallons. Their Jersey cows were pretty too!!
I told Kyle if I ever had to get a cow I would want a Jersey... But I don't want a cow! I love my goats to much!lol
We are going down Thursday to get more since I just got some to try and then I have baking to do so will have to get extra for that. Glad to have found a source that we can use till the goats freshen next March. That seems sooo far away...
It has been raining and turned cold here.. Still not ready for it..


Heather said...

Hi Tonia- We were curious about Kyle's hunting trip. He called to ask if he could hunt on the property. Did he get anything? (I guess the house was still standing!) We enjoy your posts and learn a lot from you.

Jenny said...

No wonder the little bunny is getting chubby with chocolate candy bars as big as she is for snacking on! She's so cute that I think even my chocoholic son might choose her over the candy bar.

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Awww...sweet bunny baby! :) I was really surprised when our ducks started laying, at how bright the yolks are! And the rich. :) We love eating them in general, but I especially love baking with them - they make baked goods so rich and moist. I have yet to try fresh milk. I am not a milk person in general though! :)

Rural Rambler said...

Hmmmm. I'm guessin' the pretty egg on the right is an egg produced from the chickens at Simple Life! And that bunny is way too cute :) And Tonia will it never stop raining? Somebody make it stop, we have ponds where we shouldn't have ponds. Yikes.

kestrel said...

LUcky you to get fresh egss daily, we have to get ours that have been sitting in the supermarket for goodness knows how long. To be truthful, I have never tried a fresh egg. Does it taste very different?

~Tonia said...

Kestrel- Fresh egg versus Store bought egg on taste is the fresh are richer and have more flavor. Store eggs are rather bland. Also Fresh/Free range eggs are found to be lower in cholesteral due to the diet the chickens get running around.
Jennifer- I have yet to try ducks eggs. When we were on that farm last year there were ducks but the one female was killed by a stray dogs..
Rural Rambler- I hear you on the rain!! And now its cold on top of that!! All well I guess it is November!lol
Jenny-Baby bunny has won out almost everytime over chocolate when I take them visiting.
Heather- Thank You for reading! I cant believe I have so many people who do read my blog.. Kyle did find a place with in walking distance of the house to hunt.
The egg on the right is the homegrown of course. It still amazes me the difference in them..

tree ocean said...

Jerseys are my favorite too-I think it is their big baby eyes! And the milk is supposed to have a very high cream content too, even though production is less than say a holstein.

I have seen commercial breakfast cooks add "egg dye" (food coloring) to the buckets of scrambled eggs to make them more yellow-don't need that with farm eggs, lol!

cute bunny, good luck with the new litter!

Debbie said...

Its the egg on the right for sure! I miss those bright orange yolks. I wanted to cry when I had to buy 3 dozen from Wal-Mart last night.

I use to use our duck eggs all the time, especially for baking. When I would fry one, the only real difference I would notice, besides its size, was that they seemed a little 'tougher'.

The baby bunny is so cute. My son called me and he just bought a new rabbit at one of the ARBA shows in Illinois. A french lop... I an going to have to bring my camera over next visit to get some bunny pictures to show off.

Take care,

Jennifer said...

After getting some farm fresh eggs from a neighbor it is hard to go back to eggs from the store. We really need to get our own chickens next year. I hoped we would this year, we planned on it then everything else happened. Cute bunny, they sure do grow up fast!

~Tonia said...

I was raised on fresh eggs, milk and meat most of my life. We didnt always have it but when we could get it my parents did. We usually had chickens of some sort. My dad worked at dairy farms some and my mom milked a jersey cow when I was younger.
Tree- Jerseys compare to Nubians in the goat world. I know most dairies depending on the size kept a couple of jersey cows to contribute to the cream content. Makes Excellent butter.
Of course Goats milk doesnt separate as easily as cows. Cows milk is more yellow too because they dont break down Beta-carotene like goats.
Dye in the eggs! Yeah that what we need is more Dye in the food! Lol
Debbie-I have only seen french lops in books never in person.. You definitely need to post a pic!
Jennifer-Even if you have just few chickens it would give you some eggs. My friend has Golden comets. They lay eggs so big they wont fit in the egg carton and they lay very well.. If you had 5 hens that would be 5 eggs a day for most of the year...

~Tonia said...
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Deborah said...

Tonia, I feel your pain about the goat's milk. The doe we got this past March is on her "last leg" so to speak in production. Down to less than a quart a day. She is due to freshen in February and we are already mourning the loss of her milk. Savoring the last few drops and making plans to pick up some fresh Jersey cow milk in the meantime.

You just can't beat home grown eggs! People are amazed at the color and taste. A surefire way to get new egg customers is word of mouth, or should I say taste of mouth.

Gail said...

I know, I know!

This bunny is so adorable.