Monday, November 9, 2009

Insert Here A Clever Title I Can't Come Up With Tonight

The Herd Queen.............The Herd Sire saying Please let me out!!!! PLEEEAAASEEEEEE... I will be good... I won't sniff anything I ain't suppose too!Late Bloomers... Wooo Hooo She let us on the Other Side of the Fence!!!! Lots of goodies!!yummmmmm..... They actually make funny kind of piggy noises when something is really good..
Worked on cleaning out the old barn place today.. Lots of junk...
The girl who hurried through chores and school work to be able to plunder through the stuff!Burning the unusable wood..
It Was a homemade table saw....To bad this crock is broken I could have used another.....Found a paper from 1972.....
And of course no post would be complete with out the newest pic of the newest baby... It was cloudy today... Yuck.. But we worked outside after we got schoolwork done. I took the goats for their walk.. Kyle and Candice were working on cleaning up the old barn. I wish it hadn't fell in it would have been so cool to have for a goat barn!! But it did.. Lack of use and care makes a building go down hill fast.. Anyway we will clean out real good and then decide what to do with it.. I am thinking a 2 level area. It has almost solid concrete in the upper level. The loser level looks like it may be dirt.. So I could grow flowers and other things there to have a nice relaxing/bbq spot.. Its in quite a bit of shade. I am going to put a compost pile right next to it for now to clean out the years of stuff piling up... It is very nice dirt..
Update on the chickens.. I fed them more of the carrot,oatmeal, and garlic mixture. They love it! Just waiting to see if it helps them.. They look a little dirty now since a smeared the greasy mixture all over their legs. Which it will go away eventually..
That's it for tonight.... I am sure I will get to bed and right before I go to sleep I will think Oh man I forgot to blog about ____ whatever I forgot... I tend to do that a lot!


small farm girl said...

It's a good thing you get to go through all of the scrap wood. Thing like that are gold mines. Now you have endless things you can do with the wood.

I love baby bunnies!!!!! Just don't touch until they are older. hehehe


~Tonia said...

I have heard not to touch but I have handled ever litter we have had from day one. Haven't lost any yet.. We only handle them once a day for a few seconds to make sure they have fat bellies. Then they go back in their nest. We also handle the adults alot too.SO maybe thats why they dont have a problem with us checking the babies and do things like eat them!
I even had cages blow over with day old babies and mommas in them Picked babies up stuck them in my coat ran them to the house got the momma and stuck everyone in a plastic tub. Put heat lamb on momma and babies... We had baby bunnies in the house for 4 weeks!!! Didnt lose one! It was crazy..

tree ocean said...

walking goats and salvaging junk sounds like my idea of a fun day! Even an old tub!

Cute baby bunny and your animal shelters look great! nice and neat and tight!

I had to laugh at the mmmm yum; they do make happy little sounds! looks like van and your bucky boy are friends...:)