Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hoof Trimming Day!

Brown Bear didnt know whether to eat the grain or try to see what I was doing!! The grain won out!Hope and her Supermodel pose... Lol Ethel trying to decide if she is up to pushing Hope out... They fight over things to lay in... If hopes in it Ethel wants it Or vice versa....She didn't try real hard.... They compromised...When Hope Vacated Van jumped in and this is how he landed! He is a goof ball.

It took me about 2 hours to get everyone trimmed.. I used a wood rasp for the first time on their hooves. I have to say it works great. To help even it up and smooth them off.. I use the small one that has a file and rasp on it. The rasp evens it up and the file smooths it off. Much better than clipping to much and making someone bleed!! Despite all the wet we have had every one's hooves looked real good.
Kyle picked up a little extra work today. Not much but every little bit counts right now! He worked some more on the old barn and hauled off more scrap. I cant wait to see what it looks like when its all cleaned off!!!
Good Night!


TJ said...

What a great idea to use a file instead of hoof trimmers! We did some of our trimming today (we only do 2 a day until everyone is done). I think I'll look to see if we have a file somewhere! Thanks for the great idea!

~Tonia said...

I still use regular hoof trimmers but it takes off the big chunks and the rasp evens it out.. I have the orange handle trimmers from Jeffers Livestock.. Love them!! I used pruning shears for a few years.. Wont ever go back to that..lol

Carolyn said...

I love the photo of the goat in the wheelbarrow!!!

This reminds me I need to trim my girls once they get back from their love vacation.

Rural Rambler said...

Fun series of pictures Tonia! The new header is a good one. Your goats and the wheelbarrow, too funny!

Gail said...

Wonderful photos

Feral Female said...

Great photos! Your post reminds me that we have hoof trimming to do on our goats before winter sets in. Another job on the 'To-
Do' list! =)

tree ocean said...

nice photos! Looks like you had some sun!

I need to do some hooves too. I have a horse hoof rasp that is huge maybe I will try that lol.

I woke this am to goats yelling ( we slept in til 7:30) and when I looked out I had three of nine out of the fence stuffing their faces.

The others were not happy! Still don't know where they got out-having my coffee right now. Had to grain and hay before coffee to get them back in! Is it Monday? LOL.

~Tonia said...

Thanks you all!
Carolyn Lol at the Love Vacation!!
Oh Yeah Tree Dont you just love being woke up to those sounds!
Kyle tried to get me one of those horse hoof rasp and I kept telling him they are to big,I was likely to hurt myself or the goats with it..
If there was one thing that I could change about goats it would be to give them self trimming hooves! There is a rock ledge in their pasture and they love climbing on it and scratching around it I notice their hooves dont get as bad in the 6-8 weeks between trimmings.

tree ocean said...

Yeah I added LOL after the horse rasp part because I was imagining my hands shredded from mishaps. A small wood file would be much better. I use the orange handled clippers too...and I never got to hooves today and Nic is really bad...sigh maybe I can get to him over the weekend since I need my son to help hold him, although food of any kind is a good distraction for that pig-err goat. :)

small farm girl said...

I didn't know that you had to trim goat's hooves. What will they do if you don't trim them? We had a goat when I was little. I don't think we ever trimed her hooves. I maybe wrong.

~Tonia said...

If you dont trim a goat's hoof they will keep growing..In the wild they get wore down by climbing rocks annd such... Hmm I may have to post about this..