Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can We Say Uh Oh???

Its sounded a whole lot worse than it looks!!!.... Of course no one ever hits me... I hit a fence post! Needless to say my backing up skills are Very debatable!!
The newest babies.. They are doing just fine after a rough start.. I am glad I went and checked on them last night or they probably wouldn't have made it..

The baby that is almost 2 weeks old now... Its holding its little ears up and you can see the color on the back now..

Thanksgiving Bunny!!
We went to get more milk and I had grocery shopping to do for Thanksgiving next week.. I told Kyle the other day that I would have trouble backing out of the Dairy farm drive... Sure enough!! I never even Seen the 7 foot steel pipe fence behind me... Sort of to the side... I am just glad my taillight is okay and its not a major mess up!! Kyle said he was going to get one of those Magnetic things that looks like a band aid and stick on it!!! He is Sooo funny!! He didn't laugh much.. But like I always tell him its either Laugh Or Cry!! I really prefer Laughing!! I did go on to get shopping done.
I also dumped my purse out grabbed it by the bottom and everything fell out.. Yeah ME!! Other then that It was a really good day!. I got to spend time with a Grown up Friend and be out and about on a beautiful day!!
Hmm the dent and scratches may buff out some..............


Anonymous said...

Yups...been there, done that...just with something a bit bigger:
One morning, I didn't see TrapperDude's BIG work truck parked RIGHT behind my tiny Honda car (yes, I had my glasses on!) in my car, threw it into reverse with a vengence (I had a bit of an attitude that morning) and then I heard a crunch! I guessed one of the kids had left their bicycle behind my car again...til I saw Trap's eyes and knew something VERY was wrong. I got out of the car and looked DOWN behind bike! Huh, what did I hit?
I looked at Trap and he said "w
Whadya do to my truck?".
"Your truck?" I replied.
It was THEN I looked up and saw that I caved the side of the truck bed in....$3500 in damage.
Took a LOOOOONG time to live that down!

Gail said...

We all have a few dents and dings, it's life.

Debbie said...

Wendell gets mad at me when I try to make light of a bad situation. I am like you... I would rather laugh cause if I cry, I just end up depressed worse.

Going to see the bunnies tomorrow when we go to my grandson's birthday party. I will definately take some pictures to share on my blog.

Take Care,

Immigrant Daughter said...

Well, we all have those kind of days--you have plenty of company!

Mary said...

Treasure the days when all goes well...hide on the days when it does not...OR...laugh!!! Ha ha ha!!

Sorry about the oopsies on your vehicle. Glad your husband was able to see humor in it.

Blessings, Mary

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Thanks for sharing your uh-oh! Just know you are in good company. I scraped my new car against the corner of a brick dumb is that? C

~Tonia said...

Thansk Everyone! Its nice to know I am not alone! But I will have to say its not the first time. I backed into the side of the garage when we first moved here and put a scratch on the other side of the bumper... But of course too the van did come to us from the Scratch and Dent department(salvage titled).
The bull at the other place had a love affair with my van and rubbed his horns on it and scratched it too... So it has its fair share of dents and dings.. Still love it though!

TJ said...

Thanks for sharing your bloopers! You are right, we might as well just get on with life and not worry about the mistakes :) We've all made them! I think you probably do more things right in the long run--that sorta outweighs the 'uh-oh' moments!

The bunnies are wonderfully cute! You guys do a great job with them.

kestrel said...

No one got hurt so better to laugh than be sad about it. R you keeping all of them and naming them soon