Sunday, November 8, 2009

Alternatives......Chickens for the most part ...

But First.... Unexpected baby! Kara's little white Holland lop Cloudy had 1 baby sometime last night.. We didn't even think she was pregnant! She pulled a whole lot of hair for one little baby! It has the black band around its eyes and a black stripe down its back. Very active!
And here I was going to post about empty baby cages!!lol Okay on to alternatives! My swinging feeder was kind of a pain so I took it down and attached it to the wall with zip ties!! Works Great... So good I put up 2!
They are cleaning it out and not wasting as much!! My oldest hen... She is molting like most of the hens but I think they are in the last stages.. She feels like a porcupine because of all her new feathers... She is an old biddy literally! lol She is boss in the hen pen..
One of my Brahma hens..
Now to one of the major alternatives I wanted to post about.. An alternative to straw or shavings for bedding... Leaves! Some of you may have read about it or may even use it.. I tend to be a little slow about some things.. Lol!
I layered it in my "nest box" and then put hay on top of it.. Works good. I will probably add 2X4 wire to keep more of the bedding in.. this is Kyla's Spangled Hamburg Hen or Wild Woman as I call her.. She was trying to fly out over my head!!

One of my older Ameruacana hens. She has nice ear tufts and beard! Very impressive I think!lol
My one white leghorn hen enjoying the leaves!!

Van the goat... I know not a chicken.... I have had problems with lice and leg mites on my chickens since we were on the other farm this last year. I had never had trouble with them before. I noticed a few are still having trouble so I went back to my books... One of the best books I have for chickens is Backyard Poultry Naturally. The author is from Australia so then you have to find the American counter part.. I guess is how you would say it.. Certain herbs and things that are grown or available there might not be available here...
So I was looking up what to use for parasites and worms for the chickens.. After reading I decided to Grind up a few carrots and whole bulb of garlic Then I mixed it with oatmeal and Cayenne pepper.. I am going to alternate this every other day with their regular feed. They ate it up! We will see how it helps them... I also am going to spray with the Eucalyptus and a couple of other oils for the mites and lice..
Then I went to doctoring!! Kyle calls them my concoctions and snake oils! I mixed garlic, veggie oil, Bees Wax,Oregano EO(essential oil), Lavender EO, and Lemon grass EO... I had this already mixed and in the frig.. I mixed this half and half with Vaseline.. Then I coated chicken legs and vents with it.. Or anywhere else I saw evidence of bugs.. Except I didn't get it around their eyes..
I will have to do this again on Tuesday... Some of them didn't appreciate being caught but once I started rubbing the stuff on their legs and feet they relaxed!!lol It was to funny! Yes I was giving chicken foot rubs!lol The worst for the leg mites was my little Silkie roo. But he has feathered feet.
We did have sort of good news on Kyle's forced vacation You know Unemployment.... Well they finally ordered the block for the job, so its being made. They still have to pour the concrete for it and looks like sometime around Thanksgiving they will most likely be going back to work... At least he is not completely with out a job and having to start all over in a new place.. I know a few who are having to do that.. He has been working as a bricklayer for almost 15years now. It would be tough to figure out something else now.
Okay I have things to do and a roast in the oven for supper tonight that is smelling Great!!! I hope everyone has a great day!!


tree ocean said...

My chickens have been in awful condition and I wanted to ask you want you used to worm. The stuff I saw at the grain store you couldn't eat the eggs. I have let mine out to free range but the older barred rocks are moulting and look very scrawny. I was wondering about lice, etc too. I have read they will dust bathe in DE but you should verify that before you try it...

I have used leaves good for chics but goats cows and horses will eat it! I filled my horses stall with two feet of maple leaves years ago and the next morning there was just poop- a lot of it! haha.

~Tonia said...

Yeah I dont think it would work for my goats because as I was going past their pen with the buckets of leaves they were trying to get to them.. If it was maple or other kinds leaves I wouldnt mind but White oak is supposedly toxic to goats even though mine have ate the leaves and acorns!
I knew I would forget something! I provided D.E before for them to dust in But Regular ashes seem to work just as well. In one of the pics you can see one of the blavk feed pans that has wood ashes in it. They do dust in it. Of course they like regular dust too. And if they have access to it its better But dust has been rare around here this year with all the rain so it has also contributed!
I did use Ivomec on them about amonth or so ago. We caught each chicken and gave them .5-1cc orally. It helped most of them. Chcikens don't need wormed very often. SO maybe when they go into molt would be best if you are going to use chemcials. I will let you know how this works though!

Gail said...

It is so wonderful to have someone using natural ways to treat problems.

Good job!

Carolyn said...

I am loving my Molly's Wormer.

The surprise baby rabbit sounds like so much fun. With rabbits though you're never short of babies :)

~Tonia said...

Carolyn do you use the herbal dewormer for your goats?? I never could get the herbal wormer into my goats.. Some would eat all I had other welll lets just say it would end up everywhere but their mouth! It takes such massive quantities and so often that to weigh the pros and cons as far as giving the meds Chemical wormers out weigh the Natural. I dont have to deworm the goats very often usually 2 times a year if all they need nutritionally is provided they were lacking a lot of things from the year on that other farm but we are getting back to what they were condition wise...
This was the first time for the chickens and some of them are almost 3 yrs old.
I will have to revisit Molly's Herbals to see what all she has..

Flat Creek Farm said...

Great post, Tonia! Glad to hear the good news on the job front. And I must say, that Ameracauna chicken rocks! Those ear tufts are great! Can't wait to have chickens again. Love the tip about the leaves too. Thanks for sharing!! -Tammy

Feral Female said...

Great post Tonia! I have to say you have some beautiful chickens! We used to have Ameracauna`s and Brahmas here and I miss those large brown and green eggs! Our little bantam`s aren`t much for egg production, they`d much rather SIT on the few eggs we get! =)