Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Woo Hoo Wood Heat!!

You would think as many pics as I take we could get One... Just One where we all are looking at the camera and SMILING!?!?Lol

The Wild Things! Momma cat took them back but the girls found out where they lived.. So they go feed and hold them.

And our Lovely wood heat.... I am ready for the cold now... Sort of.. There is still a tarp I have to buy for the goat barn And switching around tarps for the chickens......And getting the rabbits more settled.... And... Well the list goes on......


Kelle said...

I agree, wood heat, WaHoo! Even if it does require manual labor all Spring and into Summer( we NEED the exercise anyhow*wink*)

I do have one bone to pick about your family picture. That sweatshirt your Dh is wearing, well....uh hum.... we're an IH family, so it's only red for us, *wink*, LOL!!!!

The kittens are precious, Cortney would have 15 cats if we'd allow it. We have her spoiled cat and several barn kitties, that just shop up, but they are all excellent mousers.

Your family is lovely, and we enjoy visiting your blog, it feels like HOME, if you know what I mean.

Warren said...

That's a great picture of your kittens in the bookcase!

Mount Belly Mama said...

We're enjoying the wood heat now too! I know the feeling and its wonderful.

Our list of things to do before winter is quite a bit longer!

TJ said...

Woo hoo! for wood heat! We have a wood stove, too and have already used it a few times. We have a furnace, too, but there is just something wonderful about sitting by a wood fire!